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Atz Lee Kilcher is the son of the main character of the series and a familiar face to those who keep tabs with the show on discovery channel. He is equally an interesting character anyone who has heard of the show would love to see.`Alaska: The Last Frontier is loved by many. The way the Kilcher family lives outside of Homer, Alaska surviving harsh weather conditions and running a home without essential modern tools is simply intriguing and not something many people ever attempted let alone try out for a short time.


Born on August 26, 1977, to Atz Kilcher and Leandra Carroll in Alaska, USA, Atz Lee Kilcher is an American actor and reality show star famous for the reality TV show Alaska: The Last Frontier which he features on. The show tells how he and his family manages to survive without the basic amenities of life.

He grew up on the homestead and played the guitar across the country. Music runs in the Kilcher family and Atz Lee is no exception to this gift. He spent ample time playing and enjoying music before making his way back to Alaska. He is good at performing on stages despite choosing to live in the wilderness to meet the needs of the family.

Atz Lee has always considered himself as the black sheep of the family. Two decades ago he left the subsistence life on the homestead looking for a bigger and better life in a modern habitation. His grandfather Yule in his own time took this path when he left for Europe in his younger years. With his bountiful passion for music, Atz Lee roamed the country with his guitar, playing music and making friends.

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A day came when it finally dawned on him that the homestead where he was raised truly was the last frontier, he could relate more to it more than what he craved for in an urban world. So he traced his steps back to his homestead, built a cabin by hand and hasn’t left again since.

Not much has been made public with regards to his education and other things surrounding his life. Atz Lee is all about the show that has made him popular and people have often wondered if he even has a life outside the reality TV show.

Atz Lee Kilcher’s Family, Wife, Son, Children, 

Atz Lee Kilcher’s family is large with many interesting personalities as family members. They all have one thing or the other that keeps them in the limelight and this makes it all the more interesting to learn about.

The celebrity family comprises of Kilcher’s parents; Atz Kilcher and Lenedra Carroll Kilcher as his father and mother respectively. His uncle Otto Kilcher who is also on the show lives with his wife and kids on the same homestead. The Kilcher’s for a long time kept celebrity singer Jewel Kilcher out of public knowledge as a family member till she was accidentally featured in an episode. Atz Lee also has a brother named Shane Kilcher.

Atz Lee Kilcher is married to Jane Kilcher who is originally from Homer and as a matter of fact, lived not too far from the Homestead. She was a commercial fisherman before she met Atz through their shared love for music. She left fishing and moved to the homestead to be with Atz. Their marriage has produced two children; a son named Etienne and a daughter named Piper.

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Atz keeps Etienne and Piper’s lives private and rarely features them on the reality TV series. The reason for this according to his wife is because the children are too young and can’t cope with the negative trolls the public gives them at times and in addition, she disclosed that their son Piper is not ready to appear on the reality show. But probably will in the future.

There were rumours of a divorce between Atz and Jane in early 2017. The rumour peddlers described Jane as only a ‘bed warmer’ for Atz. Such rumours are typical of the many negative trolls the celebrity family get. However, Jane in a long Facebook post addressed this issue. She described her husband in a positive way and made it clear that though they are having issues, it is certainly not pointing to a divorce.

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