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Avengers: Endgame – Chris Evans Shares BTS Photo of Old Man Cap

Since everyone deserves to be uncomfortably aroused on a Saturday, here is a photo from behind the scenes of Avengers: Endgame showing off Chris Evans‘ half-transformation into Old Man Steve Rogers. Nobody has been more excited about the “spoiler embargo” breaking than Evans, who has been on a sharing spree all week. This latest image gives a little insight into filming the film’s climactic moment when Captain America returns to the present-day timeline as an old man, having chosen to live life in the past with Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell).

The image tracks with what directors Joe and Anthony Russo have said about filming the scene. Talking to EW, the duo said Old Man Cap was created mostly through makeup, with CGI adding a few finishing touches. (Anthony Russo also uses the phrase “yoke neck”, which is both delightful and accurate.)

“Obviously, if it doesn’t work perfectly, it can undermine the emotional intention of the scene,” says Anthony Russo. “We did a lot of practical effects, so it was a very elaborate makeup job that was then augmented with CG, because there’s certain things that you can’t do with makeup in order to make Cap credibly that age.”

For example, he added: “You can’t shrink Chris Evans’ neck on set, you know what I mean? He’s still got that yoke neck.”

The directors also noted that they “didn’t alter [Evans’] voice at all.”

As to whether or not Cap’s final moments created a time paradox, alternate universes, or nothing at all, no one can seem to agree on an answer. But at least we have further proof that the man himself, Chris Evans, is a heck of an actor underneath all that old man wizardry.

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Check out the image below.

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