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The Twilight Zone Reboot Will Be Available in Black & White Soon

For all its extraterrestrial visitors, conspiracy theories, and nightmares at 30,000 feet, CBS All Access’ new episodes of The Twilight Zone hosted and executive-produced by Jordan Peele haven’t felt quite like the show of old. That’s not entirely a bad thing, but it’s fair to say that a bit of that Rod Serling magic is missing without the episodes airing in black and white. Well, no longer a problem! Starting May 30th, CBS’ Twilight Zone will be available to screen in black and white. “‘Cause… come on,” Peele said, providing pretty much the only explanation I’ll need.

The Twilight Zone has been a bit hit or miss in its return—for the record, so was the original series—but I maintain that when it’s great, it’s really, deliriously great. The premiere episode starring Kumail Nanjiani, “The Comedian”, is especially great (and a significantly better Death Note adaptation than the actual Death Note adaptation), as is episode 4, “A Traveler”, which stars Steven Yeun as an otherworldly stranger who also sings some mean karaoke. (For Collider’s full Twilight Zone review, head here.)

Check out the black-and-white trailer below. The Twilight Zone is available now on CBS All Access.

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