Awakening the dead, or will Pari feast on a corpse?

Just a couple of days remain for Pari to unleash her terror on audiences and the makers have heightened viewers’ anxiety by releasing a sixth ‘screamer’. Like all the previous ones, this teaser, too, shocks you.

Most people dread to be in a mortuary and that is exactly where Pari’s latest teaser takes us. A locker unbolts itself and out pops a corpse. And then we see Pari (Anushka Sharma) perched on top of the cabinet.

You can’t see whose corpse it is. The visuals give rise to two possibilities — either Pari is trying to awaken the dead, or she is going to feast on the corpse. The latter possibility is too horrendous to contemplate.

This and other mysteries of Pari will be unravelled on Holi, 2 March, when the film is finally released. What is certain for now is that director Prosit Roy has managed to hook audiences with every single poster, teaser and trailer.

Watch the sixth screamer below and click here to predict the film’s performance at the box office. 

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