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Ayla Woodruff is Dating Kian Lawley; Know about Their Love Story

Instagram star Ayla Woodruff

Born Name Ayla Woodruff
Birth Place Arizona, New York, USA
Height 4 feet 11 inches
Eye Color Blue
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality American
Ethnicity Multiracial
Profession YouTuber, HR Generalist
Net Worth $500 thousand
Age 27 years old
Dating Kian Lawley
Sibling Blake Woodruff, Raina Woodruff, Trevor Woodruff
Parents Diana Woodruff, Brian Woodruff

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We have all known and even followed the controversial YouTuber Logan Paul, right? Well, there was once a rumor of him having a relationship with fellow YouTuber, Ayla Woodruff.

Here, we’ll be talking about Ayla, who says she didn’t know anything about the rumors calling them partners. Well, before we jump to that section, let’s find out all about her dating affairs!

Ayla Woodruff Dating Kian Lawley: The Truth?

The YouTuber, Ayla Woodruff is currently in a dating relationship with her beau Kian Lawley. Rumors have it that the pair started their affair only from this year, 2019!

There’s not much to dwell upon while talking about their relationship as they have kept most of their information to themselves. However, it was an Instagram story that made their relationship official. The story on Kian’s IG had a photo of Ayla with the caption,

Missing u a lil extra rn

Following this, recently, Kian took to his socials to post a mirror selfie of him kissing his partner on the cheek. The post was to wish his beau a happy birthday. Here’s the post!

It’s not only Kian, who can wish his partner a happy birthday on their Insta post. Ayla also took to her IG to with her lover a happy birthday. She wrote,

Happy birthday to this special human. I adore u in every way.

Here’s the post!

Well, it sure seems the duo is deeply in love with each other. What do you guys think?

Ayla Woodruff’s Unsuccessful Relationship with Ex-Boyfriend

Before getting into an intimate affair with Kian Lawley, Ayla Woodruff was dating her former partner, Mackinzie Dae. The duo started their relationship in 2015 and was quite happy with each other.

YouTube: Ayla Woodruff and Mackinzie Dae’s One on Onesie Date Night

Happy days were short-lived for the duo as they had to break up four years later in 2018. Following the separation, Ayla took to her YouTube to post a video denoting the reason for her leaving!

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The video was titled, Why I left! She starts with why she didn’t post for a while and then, she tells about her relationship.

Kinzie and I both had our own things we still wanted to do in life and being together was like holing us back from it.

Here’s the video!

While many of her fans were sympathizing with her, others were just commenting about her relationship with Logan! Let’s look into Ayla and Logan’s affairs!

Ayla Woodruff and Logan Paul’s Relationship Rumors

Logan Paul and the 27 years’ old Ayla Woodruff’s relationship is nothing more than of friends and before that, they were employer and employee.

YouTube: Logan Paul’s flirting with Ayla Woodruff

Wait, What? Employer-Employee? You might be curious, right? Don’t be! Paul appointed Woodruff to be his assistant on his channel.

Though their employer-employee relation and friendship was the only thing about their togetherness, most of their fans still want them to be a thing!

How Ayla Woodruff’s Early Life Looked? Also Her Siblings

Born as the eldest sister of Blake, Trevor, and Raina Woodruff on August 26, 1992, in Arizona, New York, USA, Ayla Woodruff grew up in San Diego. She was born to parents, father, Brian Woodruff, and mother, Diana Woodruff.

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Regarding her educational background, she is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego. She did a BA in Psychology.

If you wanna have a look, here’s a link to Ayla Woodruff’s Net Worth details.

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