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Bazza Gazza is an Australian gamer and streamer, famous for playing first-person shooters like Overwatch and Counter-Strike Global Offensive.
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Born Name Brodey de Meur
Birth Place Australia
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Aussie
Profession Youtube Star
Net Worth $100,000
Age 22 years

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There are many rising Youtube stars who have made an impact on social grounds. Among them, Bazza Gazza is a name that comes in the mind of many people when remembering the entertaining Youtubers.

Bazza is an entertainer in his work as well as in his personal life. He is the kind of person who will make anyone laugh and make them forget their sorrows. He has a great sense of humor which he puts to use to continuously entertain his fans.

Who Is Bazza Gazza?

Bazza Gazza is an Australian gamer and streamer, famous for playing first-person shooters like Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He uploads a variety of gameplay footage on his popular YouTube channel, Bazza Gazza.

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Bazza Gazza is an Australian gamer and streamer.
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Brodey de Meur aka Bazza Gazza was born on February 1, 1997, in Australia. He started uploading videos to YouTube in October 2015, which have been viewed more than 72 million times. Gazza is associated with Loserfruit, video game streamer on Twitch, in the gaming and prank channel known as Click.

Bazza Gazza’s Personal Life: Is He Dating Someone?

Bazza Gazza is single and not dating anyone as of 2019. He loves maintaining a low profile regarding his relationship and affairs. Many of his fans are waiting for him to come out with the announcement of the name of his girlfriend or fiancee.

Brodey posted this photo on his Twitter account with the caption Who needs a girlfriend now that there are snapchat filters. For instance, many of his followers thought that the girl in this photo might really be his girlfriend. But the truth made his fans burst in tears of laughter as this person was actually Bazza Gazza turned into a girl by snapchat effects.

Bazza Gazza’s Nature As A Person

Australian born Youtuber, Bazza Gazza is an entertainer, who not only entertains people through his Youtube channel but also through his posts on his social profile. The tweets that he shares bring a peal of boisterous laughter among his followers.

Brodey shared this tweet on April Fool’s day in which he shared how his tax agent tried to fool him by saying that Bazza was severely in debt. Many of his followers enjoyed laughing to this tweet and responded in a funny way to his tweet by sharing how they were fooled.

Bazza is the kind of person who loves playing pranks on his friends. He attached his friend’s car worth $150,000 with lots of sticky papers. Brodey then posted the photo with the caption Decided to give a friend a free paint job for his $150,000 car! He didn’t seem too impressed with it though…

Bazza Gazza’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Bazza Gazza has an estimated net worth of $100,000 as of 2019 which seems pretty low compared to YouTube Star Lena The Plug with a net worth of $1 million. He runs his own Youtube channel, Bazza Gazza which has earned total estimated earnings of $896,734. It also provides him with average earnings of $5,605 per video. Likewise, this channel gives him estimated monthly earnings of $254 – $4.1 thousand and estimated yearly earnings of $3.1 thousand – $48.8 thousand.

YouTube: Have Bazza Gazza’s Gaming Skills

Brodey, similarly, is also an active member of a Youtube channel, Click which has amassed total estimated earnings of $2 million. It provides average earnings of $63,072 per video. This channel, additionally, delivers estimated monthly earnings of $5.1 thousand – $81 thousand and estimated yearly earnings of $60.7 thousand – $971.4 thousand.

Bazza Gazza’s Body Measurements

Bazza Gazza mentioned his height on a tweet to be 6 feet 7 inches but in reality, he might be 5 feet 10 inches, which is 7 inches taller than the Rising Youtube Star Summer Mckeen. An Australian Youtuber Muselk shared a tweet in which he mentioned Bazza Gazza intimidating others in the NYE party with his towering height.

In this photo, Bazza looks gigantically tall in front of the girl. It really seems like he is tremendously tall. The question that remains is if this tweet is done seriously or in a funny way. Is Bazza Gazza Really 6 feet 7 inches?

Quick Facts of Bazza Gazza

Where is Bazza Gazza originally from?


What is the nationality of Bazza Gazza?


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Under which zodiac sign was Bazza Gazza born?


How tall is Bazza Gazza?

5 feet 10 inches


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