Beautiful ballad describing a soldier’s love and longing for his homeland

In Kesari’s latest song, B Praak sings a wonderful ode to the sacrifices, longing and pain of soldiers posted far away from anything like home. The song, ‘Teri Mitti’ is composed by Arko. 

From its opening that marks the listing of the 21 brave soldiers at the fort of Saragarhi to their memories and thoughts as they battle to their last breath, the song paints a visually moving picture. The song flits over the last moments of the soldiers, who died far away in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa region of now Afghanistan, where they were posted by the British Empire. 

B Praak’s soulful voice is a good fit for the emotional range of the song. The singer is impressive as the song reaches higher pitch with each rising emotion. The accompanying music remains subtle, with the synthesizer being the only key element that stands out. The minimalism plays well with the song, as it allows the vocals to take prominence, adding to the effect of the lyrics. 

Manoj Muntashir’s words paint a vivid picture of the hopes, dreams, and thoughts of the soldier at the front. From his mother to his love, but above all, his land and home, the song crafts images that are compelling. 

While films about war often turn to courage and strength for adjectives, ‘Teri Mitti’ is a sentimental ballad that depicts the men, brothers, sons, and husbands, who laid their lives on the line. 

Kesari is directed by Anurag Singh, and will be released on 21 March. 

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