Bhau Kadam plays a municipal cleaner who gets lucky

Different professions have been explored in Marathi cinema over the years, but it is not often that you get to see a film based on a municipal conservancy worker. Director Amol Vasant Gole’s Nashibvaan is based on one such character. The trailer of the film reveals that the film is not just limited to the exploration of his life.

The film revolves around Babanrao (Bhau Kadam) who works as a municipal cleaner in Mumbai and lives with his wife (Mitalee Jagtap Varadkar) and two kids. He struggles with his mundane life, which includes cleaning some of the filthiest places. But a twist occurs in his life and he starts earning more which changes his lifestyle. What has Babanrao ventured into to leave behind his poor days?

At least from the trailer, it seems that the makers have kept the portrayal of the municipal workers close to reality. The film looks at the hard work put in by Babanrao to keep the city clean in a light-hearted manner. Thankfully, the twist in the tale is not revealed in the trailer.

Kadam and Jagtap Varadkar, both fine actors, seem to be in good form.

The film is Gole’s directorial debut. He has been a cinematographer in a number of well-known films like Stanley Ka Dabba (2011), Ha Bharat Maza (2012), Investment (2013), Elizabeth Ekadashi (2014) and Rangaa Patangaa (2016), which he also produced.

Produced by Landmarc Films, Nashibvaan will be released on 11 January 2019.

Watch the trailer below:

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