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In today we are going to talk about Brian Regan and his life.

Being a popular person or a celebrity is something that can bring a lot of burdens with it.

Even though they are living flashing lives and have a lot of money, they can still go through difficult times just like us.

This famous American comedian has made quite a name for himself through his incredible talent and ability to make people laugh.

His life was full of interesting events, and we can definitely learn a lot about him through the events he went through.

So, if you would like to learn more about the life of Brian Regan, this is the perfect opportunity to do so, so stick with us and keep on reading.

Brian Regan Early life

Brian Joseph Regan was born on June 2nd 1958 in Miami in Florida. Brian’s family is of Irish and American heritage. He spent his childhood in Florida in Westchester.

When he was younger, he simply did things just like every other kid and nothing separated him from the other children of his age.

Brian grew up in a very big family and had seven siblings in total. His brothers and sisters all hang out together and their childhood was like any other. Luckily no traumatic events happened in his life

. As a student, Brian went to the Christopher Columbus High School and one of his biggest idols growing up were Johnny Carson, Steve Martin and Smothers brothers.

Those comedians made a big impact on his style and performance as well, and this was especially noticeable in the beginning of his career, until he finally found his style of performance that made him famous later on.

As a college student he went to the Heidelberg College that was located in Ohio. As a younger man, Brian was thinking about his life, and he wanted to become an accountant.

He thought that this is going to be a safe future for him, so he wanted to pursue a career in accounting for that reason.

While in high school, Brian’s coaches saw that he has an amazing talent for comedy and told him that he should definitely pursue a career in that branches.

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Besides being a good comedian, he was also very talented as a football player and plaid as a wide receiver.

Sports was never something he wanted to do, and started considering a career in theater and communications. While he was in school still, he made the decision to drop out of school and start building a career in comedy.

His brother Dennis is also comedian and both of them have great sense of humor. Seems like the good humor runs in the family.

Brian Regan Career path

Brian Regan began his career slowly. He started performing in smaller places and slowly grew his career step by step.

His first official CD came out in the year 1997 and the CD contained all of his best performances in one place.

This CD was a gift to the audience that loved and followed him in the every step of the way, so he knew he needed to have something materialized for those who watch and support him.

In the year 2004 he came out with a DVD and it contained his performance in the Irvine Improve. The performance was a big hit among the fans who loved his work, but it also gave other people the opportunity to hear his legendary jokes.

Brian often appeared on the Comedy Central and was one of their favorite guests. He also got a role in the series called Shorties Watching Shorties.

In the year 2007 he made a deal with the Comedy Central and got a two hour special and a DVD deal.

The performance he released on the DVD was a total hit with the audience and everyone was eager to see more of him. The second DVD came soon after, in the summer of 2007.

The special with the Comedy Central was named The Epitome of Hyperbole. This special was released in 2008.

Brian Regan released the first CD called Brian Regan Live in 1997, and also had the self-released DVD for his show in 2004, and it was named the animated standup series for Shorties Watchin ‘ Shorties by Comedy Central.

He signed the deal with the Comedy Central in 2007 where she was expected to do two hour stand up specials and they were released on the DVD.

He produced the show in Concert for the network and the headline theater tour, entitled Brian Regan: A Comedy Central Live Event, and it began in 2007.

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Another CD by Brian Regan came out under the name All by Myself. In 2012 he was on the Jerry Seinfeld’s show in the episode that was called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Being a popular person or a celebrity is something which can carry with it loads of burdens. Even though they lead flashing lives and have a lot of money, they are still able to go just like us through difficult times. We are going to be talking about Brian Regan and his life in today’s post.

His incredible talent and ability to make people laugh has made this famous American comedian quite a name for himself. His life was full of interesting events, and by the experiences he went through, we will certainly learn a lot about him.

In the autumn of 2015, Regan he filmed another special with the Comedy Central under the name Live from Radio City Music Hall.

Regan’s career seems to be going on the right track and his life kept on changing for the better. He signed a very important contract for his career and life, and that is a contract with Netflix for another special.

In 2019, Brian together with his son made an appearance on a very popular show on YouTube called Game Grumps.

Together with the hosts of the show, he played a game of Mario Kart 8 and shared some funny jokes with the rest of the cast. His latest project was the Nunchucks and Flamethrowers that aired on Netflix in 2017.

Brian’s net worth is estimated at around 7$ million. He has been very successful lately and his life completely changed since his beginnings. Brian keeps on pushing his career hard, so we believe he is going to come up with something new in the following years for sure.

Now people can get to know more about Brian Regan’s upcoming events online and they can get to buy the tickets from his website. His net worth is over 7 million dollars. Some of his shows, including I walked on The Moon can be accessed easily on YouTube.

His videos about Comedy Central may be downloaded online on his official website. His latest release is called all by myself and it is available both on the CD and on the website. In the CD he talks about different things including aging and family among others.

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Brian Regan Personal life

On 2 June 1957, Brian Regan was born in FL. He is best known as a Comedian. American comedian known for his elastic smile and observational humor. He has performed on several TV shows and has had several appearances on Comedy Central Presents.

He is now single. He doesn’t date anyone. We don’t have a lot of information about He’s past relationship and any previous committed relationship. He has no children according to our Database. When growing up he was a big fan of Johnny Carson.

Regan is of Irish descent, and was born with his seven brothers and sisters in Westchester, Florida. His parents both had a great sense of humor and his dad loved to have long laughs with his kids.

Regan attended high school in Christopher Columbus. He initially studied accounting at Heidelberg College in Ohio but his football coach encouraged him to study theater and communications. Regan played on his college team as a wide receiver.

Regan has always been a fan of such comedians as Steve Martin and Johnny Carson. During its last semester in 1980, Regan left college to pursue a comedy career. He would finally complete his degree years later in 1997. Regan’s brother, Dennis Regan, is also a comic on stand-up.

Regan’s comedic material refers to daily events such as shipping packages, and going to the doctor. Through his shows he also wants to use physical comedy.

They also applies to activities of childhood such as sports, tasks and bees spelling. He does not rely on profanity or adult humor. His clean comedy allowed him to build a fan base which would cross all age groups. As he plays the theaters are packed worldwide.

Brian Regan is most famous for his style of presentation and performance. Audience enjoys his incredibly funny jokes and his very gimmicky facial expressions. Many TV shows invited Brian to be a part of their shows because of his one of a kind performance.

When it comes to his personal life, Regan is currently alone and not dating anyone. His personal life is very secretive and he is not a subject of yellow press very often. Therefore he has managed to keep his private life as private as he can.

Many don’t know this about his love towards football. But he was a very good football player and he enjoyed spending time on the field.

Even though he never thought about becoming a professional football player, but love for football still remains.

Brian Regan Quick summary

Full name: Brian Regan

Date of birth: June 2nd 1958

Birthplace: Miami, Florida, USA

Age: 62

Profession: Comedian, Writer

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 7$ million

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