Zane Rima a.k.a AmaZane Dating

Does Zane Rima is Dating? Know about her Boyfriend, Affairs, & Singing Secrets

Zane Rima a.k.a AmaZane Dating

Quick Facts of Sazanne Rima

Full Name Sazanne Rima
Net Worth $1 Million
Date of Birth 1999 /10 /14
Nickname Zane Rima, AmaZane
Marital Status In a relation with Jordan
Birthplace New Jersey
Ethnicity Asian-American
Religion Christian
Profession YouTuber, Vlogger, Instagram Star
Nationality American
Active Year 2015-Present
Eye colour Dark Brown
Hair colour Silk Brown
Build Mesomorph
Body Measurement Slim
Online Presence Twitter (1,012 followers), Instagram (3,055 followers), YouTube (236,441 subscribers)
Horoscope Libra

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In the world of YouTubers and Vloggers, Zane Rima a.k.a AmaZane is one of the most talented YouTube personality who has taken all the hearts of the people by her melodious vocals. She is quite popular on the internet nowadays and we can say, she is the next YouTube sensation just like PewDiePie with her mesmerizing talent.

Rima is singing all her life by self-teaching and learning techniques from vocalists through their music. She aspires to be a singer and record albums while touring around the work, one day !. We hope that she will reach the top of her success with her all hard work and dedication that she gave to her passion. People are adoring her talent in the big social platform like YouTube. It seems like her dream is going to be true in the upcoming years.

Who is Zane Rima’s Boyfriend? Her Relationship Affairs

Zane Rima has kept her personal life far away from the eyes of the media. Moreover, she has an attractive personality and an hourglass figure. Her fans are curious to know who is the lucky man to be her boyfriend and her love interest. But, it seems like she has found her perfect man to be her boyfriend. On Instagram, she wrote her boyfriend’s first name as Jordan. In the picture, the pair are looking very happy with each other.

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Zane Rima with her boyfriend, Jordan

Rima hasn’t faced any controversies and rumors regarding her personal life and career. She is active on social media and followed by a huge number of fans on her social accounts. She loves to share her and her boyfriend pictures with her fans. Currently, she resides in her hometown, New Jersey with her family.

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What are the Singing Secrets of Zane Rima?

The singing secrets of Zane Rima are all about her hard work and dedication that she had put in her work. Today, she became one of the most popular YouTube personality with the help of her amazing vocals and melodious voice. She learned techniques from vocal tutors and practiced music by herself. Taking it to step by step, she continues to upload her song covers on YouTube on her AmaZane Channel with the hope of spreading more publicity and the content can be reached worldwide.

Rima’s singing secrets are her amazing personality which is evident in her videos. She also helps and co-operates with her fans to learn vocal lessons through messages and YouTube videos. She responds with the same positivity to both hate and love comments on YouTube. From an early age, she picked up many skills learning a plethora of usual things in singing. So, we assume that her singing secrets are her amazing talent, her positivity, and drive, shapes that makes her super confident in her singing.

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Interesting Facts about Zane Rima

  • Rima’s first YouTube video was about inhaling helium which was posted in June of 2015.
  • Rima released her original song, Go Home in February of 2016. She can do a Rubik’s cube in 28 seconds.
  • Her real name is Suzanne Rima.
  • She loves Mariah Carey and thinks she is the best singer of all time.
  • She posted a video teaching her followers how to sing like Ariana Grande that goes viral.
  • Her zodiac sign is Libra and she is just 19 years old celebrating her birthday in 2018.

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