Fraud Saiyaan song ‘Chamma Chamma’: A lazy remix

Pick a song from the 1980s or 1990s. Hire Tanishk Bagchi to remix it. Play on nostalgia factor by retaining hook lines. Add some rap portions. Cast a hot dancer in the video. Voila! You have a dance number to sell your film on!  

This time China Gate (1998) song ‘Chamma Chamma’, composed by Anu Malik and featuring Urmila Matondkar, is the pick. This remixed track from Fraud Saiyaan, starring Arshad Warsi, follows the same trope that we have seen umpteen times in the last couple of years. 

This is Tanishk Bagchi’s second song remix to be released on the same day, ‘Tere Bin’ from Simmba was released earlier today (14 December), and three in two days, ‘Gali Gali’ from the Hindi version of K.G.F Chapter 1 was released yesterday (13 December). ‘Chamma Chamma’ is the laziest one of the lot. 

Some English words are either added or replaced to make the remix sound cool, with lines like ‘Aankhon se connection judd gaya re‘ and ‘Tere close cake teri saanson mein samaau raja’. Then, as usual, some rap portions are added which could belong to literally any of the recent remix versions. 

The grace of Urmila Matondkar is replaced by revealing outfits and over-the-top sensual dance movements. Elli Avram does a good job of the task at hand. 

One would rather pick one of the other remixed songs by Bagchi or go back to the old ‘Chamma Chamma’ and relive its magic.

Watch the new and the old ‘Chamma Chamma’ songs below:



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