Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Agnes Hailstone And Her Husband

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Agnes Hailstone And Her Husband

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There are a thousand and one ways to become famous. For Agnes Hailstone and her husband, the National Geographical documentary series, Life Below Zero was the genesis of their popularity. As the adventure and reality-tv series which was first released in May 2013 gained widespread attention for chronicling the harsh living conditions of people in isolated areas of Alaska, Agnes and her entire family attained celebrity status.

Even as those who have been keeping up with the documentary can definitely tell a thing or two about Agnes, the things they know are largely about the everyday struggles she encounters for living in the vicious climatic conditions of remote Alaska. Is that all there is to know about the woman? Let’s find out.

Agnes Hailstone’s Age and Early Life

Albeit we are yet to authenticate this, it is believed that Agnes Hailstone was born on the 14th of June, 1971. While it has also been claimed that she was birthed in 1972 and, that her name Agnes was inspired by the year’s tropical cyclone which was named Hurricane Agnes, these claims can barely be substantiated as details of Agnes’ early life have been shrouded in mystery.

Hardly can anyone tell a thing about her parents, siblings, family background, or anything about her life before Life Below Zero. Nonetheless, it is known that she hails from the Inupiaq tribe. Yeah, she’s one of the native Alaskan guys.

How She Met Her Husband, Chip Hailstone

Like Agnes, Chip is one of the main characters of the National Geographic series. Although many have come to assume that he has been the only love of Agnes’ life due to the fact that she has spent practically all her life in the most secluded regions of Alaska, this is not true as it is said that Agnes was having a serious affair before she met Chip. In fact, several reports have it that she even married her first lover. As the story goes, things fell apart between her and the unknown husband and they decided to abandon the marriage.

So how did she meet Chip? Well, he visited Alaska when he was 19 and somehow, settled in Noorvik even though he had no initial plans to do so. A handful of years later, he met this hunter (Agnes) from the Inupiaq tribe and they started hunting together occasionally. It was only a matter of time for their friendship to blossom into a romance, things got serious and they settled for a marriage.

Agne’s husband was born in Kalispell, Montana in 1961 to his parents – Mary Lois and Daniel Franklin Hailstone. Granted that the man is now widely known as Chip, he was named Edward V Hailstone after he was birthed. Growing up in his hometown in northwest Montana, Chip got to learn all the handy skills that have helped him survive in unfriendly remote areas of Alaska.

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Her Children and Family Life

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Thanks to Life Below Zero, many have learned a lot about Agnes Hailstone’s family life. It is quite a common knowledge that she and her husband settled at the Kobuk River located in the Arctic region of northwestern Alaska where they had and have raised all their kids to survive like them in the rough terrain.

It is equally known that the Agnes-Chip union has produced 5 daughters: Qutan, Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Caroline, and Mary. Also, Agnes had two sons (Douglas and Jon) from her previous marriage and both of them are married with Kids. Meanwhile, her girls didn’t abandon education to exclusively live in the wild. For instance, Iriqtaq has completed her high school education and moved on to college.

Essentially, Agnes and her husband have handed down all of their survival skills to their children and it is left for time to decide if the next generation of Hailstones would continue to live by the Inupiaq traditions or find a home in a place that’s more friendly. For now, the whole family works and hunts together to survive. Given that they mostly feed on their hunted games, they equally creat crafts from what’s left of the games which they often trade by barter.

What more should you know? Did you know that Agnes’ husband was convicted for perjury and was sentenced to spend some time in jail? Learn more about that here.

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