Bryan Callen has a staggering net worth of $2.5 millions.

How Bryan Callen Generates Astounding Net Worth from Career?

Born Name Bryan Callen
Birth Place Manila, Phillipines
Height 5 feet 9 inch
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality Phillipine
Ethnicity Phillipino
Profession Actor, Comedian
Wife Amanda Humphrey
Net Worth $2.5 million
Weight 77 kilograms
Age 52 years old

As Charlie Chaplin said,’Life is a tragedy in a close-up, and a comedy in long-shot.’ Bryan Callen lives by the quote and created a lavishing life as a comedian cum actor.

The multi-talented actor started his career from 1995 and has never looked back ever since. Currently, in his prime, the comedian is worth millions and lately is featuring in 2019 blockbuster Joker. So, how did Callen create such fortunes? Let us dive right into his journey.

Two and a Half Million Wealth

Having spent over two decades at the entertainment industry, Callen already accumulates a net worth of $2.5 million.

So, the standup comedian paved the path to the millionare club alongside tons of fan following. Stick with us as we look into details behind such staggering fortunes of Bryan Callen.

Over Twenty Television Credits

The talented artist started his acting journey on the premier seasons of the comedy series Mad TV as the main role when he was only 20. He impressed many of his fans with caricaturing famous personalities like Luke Perry, Bill Clinton, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Moving on, the actor appeared in various series like Newsradio, Sex and the City, Californication, and Kingdom. He belongs to the recurring cast of the six-season long comedy series The Goldbergs since it aired in 2013.

How I Met Your Mother?

The comedian was fortunate enough to grace his skills and humor in all-time greats, sitcom, How I Met Your Mother? He featured in a total of seven episodes in the series as the role of Bilson.

Bryan was an employee at Goliath National Bank, workstation of lead characters, Barney AKA Neil Patrick Harris and Marshall AKA Jason Segel.

Tours with Podcast

Not just dramas, the actor also involved himself in making digital podcasts of himself and several other stars such as Brendan Schaub and Chris D Elia. They launched their first podcast in 2012 and after 635 successful episodes in 2018, they bid farewell to their listeners.

YouTube: Bryan Callen hosting his podcast The Fighter and The Kid.

As of now, the actor is the co-host to The Fighter and the Kid started in 2015. Following initial success, he performed a national tour in his podcast at busy cities of New York, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The podcast earns around $127.5 thousand annually.

With so many television credits to his name, Callen has a hot demand and surely earns way more than the average television series actor of $50.99 per hour. While that may just seem more than enough for many, it was not the end for him, since he pursued his talent in the bigger screen as well.

On Bigger Picture

Alongside television, Callen has different filmography projects in his name. Soon as he debuted in television, he came on the bigger screen in Mail Bonding as a poet in 1995 itself. Following the debut, he has constantly acted in numerous movies like Live From Baghdad, Bad Santa, The Hangover, and many more.

The 52 aged comedian also landed a role in 2019‘s finest production Joker alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro. The awaited movie will be released on October 4, 2019.

The best at the Comedy Store

With comedy in his veins, the charismatic comedian performs his best work in making people laugh in theatres and various venues in the world. He is a regular at the Los Angles’s The Comedy Store.

Callen is the member of Improv, a comedy club franchisee. His shows ticket sells on his official owned website for $25 to $75. Likewise, his hour-long comedy show titled Complicated Apes broke the charts by topping the iTunes rankings when it released in March.

Bryan’s Villa in California

The millionare, Callen bought a spacious new built two-storied villa on 2016 for $1.4 million at the city of Santa Monica, California.

The contemporary designed house was valued around $3.195 million when it first came to market. Earlier in 2018, he put his mansion up for sale for a mere $1.9 million.

Bryan Callen: Quick Facts

  • Despite birth in the Philippines, Callen lived in different nations like India, Pakistan, Greece, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.
  • He is fond of playing tennis and boxing.
  • The hilarious comedian graduated from Northfield Mount Herman High School, Massachusetts and went to American University for Bachelors in History degree later on.
  • The actor is currently in his eleventh year into marriage with Amanda Humphrey as they married in 2008.

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