Dina Korzan has an estimated networth of $1 million

How did Dina Korzun Make a Million Dollars Worth Fortune?

Born Name Dianna Alexandrovna Korzun
Birth Place Smolensk, Russia
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality Russian
Ethnicity Russian
Profession Actress
Husband Louis Franck
Net Worth $1 million
Age 48 years old

Although her role of the Grand dutchess Isabella compels Dina Korzan to act as a high and royal person, she is a rather lovely and friendly person. She has a real fondness for animals as well.

That’s not all about the Peaky Blinders star, Dina Korzun. Her stage acts are also well known in the acting industry. Tune in on the article to get a peek into her life.

Dina Korzun’s Net Earnings

Dina Korzun is a brilliant actress who amassed a net worth of approximately $1 million. She is mostly famous for her role in Peaky Blinders. However, she has also performed in other films and tv shows such as Forty Shades of Blue, Last Resort, and Country of the Deaf.

The Peaky Blinders star was nominated for the Best Female lead for the role of Laura in Forty Shades of Blue by the Independent Spirit Awards 2006. Later in 2009, she was again nominated for the best supporting female for her role in Cold Souls.

Not only nominations, but she also won herself an award for Best Actress at the 1995 Moscow Theatrical Debuts Festival. She achieved the award for her outstanding stage act as Tatiana Borodina in Love in the Crimea.

Work on Peaky Blinders

Dina makes an appearance in Peaky Blinders as the Grand Dutchess Izabella. She acted in four episodes of the third season.

The show is based over an urban street gang in London after the First World War. The show features some big shots like Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy and Finn Cole.

The mother of three gained major popularity after her role in the TV show. However, despite her rise in fame, she is yet to perform in any new shows.

Instagram Influencer Income

Dina Korzun has around 17000 followers in her social media account. She earns around $111.75 – $186.25 per promotional post she makes on her Instagram.

Personal Life of Dina

The actress is currently in a marital relationship with Louis Franck. Louis is a Belgian musician and composer. The couple tied the knot in 2001 and their relationship seems as strong as ever. They share two lovely daughters Sophia Franck and Itala Franck.

Dina was previously married to Ansar Khalilunin in 1990 which only lasted two years ending in 1992. Their short marriage squeezed in enough time for them to give life to a son named Timur Khalilunin.

After Ansar, she walked down the aisle with Aleksey Zuev. They joined in holy matrimony in 1993 which didn’t last either. It ended in 1997.

Learning Her Acting Skills

The actress spent her childhood in Smolensk. She did ballet and modern dancing from the Moscow Art Theatre School (МХАТ). Later she acted in the Chekhov Moscow Arts Theater Troupe.

Dina’s first debut as an actress was in Country of the Deaf. Her role of Yaya was one of the most critically acclaimed characters in 1998.

A Social Worker

Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova co-founded the charitable organization, Podari Zhizn. It was founded on 26 November 2006 and helps children with oncological and Hematological disorders.

The foundation helps with the treatment and rehabilitation of the disease as well as a few other fatal diseases troubling Russia. The actress also frequently posts her achievements through her Instagram posts.

Quick Facts: Dina Korzun

  • When she was just a kid, she used to organize concerts along with other children and recite poetry and sing for their parents.
  • The movie Last Resort was filmed without a script. Surprisingly, Dina adopted her character and produced her own dialogues.
  • Dina strongly opposes publicity.

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