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Is Patty Mayo a Real Bounty Hunter or Fake, What Happened To Him?

If you are wondering what or who a bounty hunter is, then you just opened the right article – so let’s have a short exposé. A bounty hunter is a person who gets paid to catch and deliver criminals or fugitives. The reward given to a bounty hunter is called bounty, hence the name. Patty Mayo has been known for a while as a bounty hunter or so we thought.

His activities as a bounty hunter had been documented on his YouTube channel. He created the channel on November 12th, 2013, however, his popularity started growing when he shifted from posting regular videos to bounty hunter vlogs and arrest videos. If you want to know more of this YouTuber, do well to keep reading.

Who Is Patty Mayo? Biography

Patty Mayo is the name he adopted for his YouTube channel. He was however born, Patrick Thomas Tarmey. He was born in the American city of Boston, Massachusetts on July 6th, 1987.

There is no information about Patty’s family such as his parents’ identity and occupation even about his siblings. Also, there is nothing known about his educational background. He is still dating his longtime girlfriend, Kayla Pillar who is also his camerawoman.

He owned several businesses such as Paramotor Tours, Abington Airsoft and Abington Zombie Apocolypse  – as they were registered under his birth name. However, recent reports say that isn’t the case anymore as he may have sold them or handed its management over to someone else. He later moved to California and that is where he shoots his videos.

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Patty Mayo is best known as a YouTube prankster. He joined YouTube in November 2013. He began his channel by uploading prank videos and continued doing so in the following two years. These videos were said to be not so popular, therefore limiting his earnings. As a good businessman, he sought another means to boost his income; that was when he went into bounty hunting. He began to shoot 10-20 minutes videos of his alleged apprehension of fugitives and criminals and repossession of properties used as collateral for bail and this was where his journey to being famous began.

Mayo admits that bounty hunting was his first real job as an adult. These videos come in series. Eventually, he made his activities into a franchise he called Southland Bounty Hunters. While shooting the videos, he wore bounty hunters clothing, a vest that has a badge with the inscription: Bail Enforcement Agent with body armor and some weapons.

His videos garnered huge fan following and by September 2017, he already had up to the 1 million subscribers and counting. His videos are said to depict situations often faced by his viewers, hence, the rise in the subscription to his channel. By mid-2017, he added another host to his videoes who goes by the pseudonym DeMar “Bounty Hunter D”. Both men worked as fugitive recovery agents and showcased seemingly dangerous operations. Bounty Hunter D didn’t last long with Patty Mayo as the two men had personal problems that caused the former’s dismissal from the vlogs. However, both parties reconciled publicly in the wake of November 2017.
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Patty Mayo, Kayla, and his daughter

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Later that month, the number of videos Patty uploaded began to decline, not as a result of the feud with his partner rather for other personal reasons such as his absence from his channel due to his health – injuries believed to have been sustained in the line of his recovery activities. However, Patty’s subscribers have continued to increase and as of October 2018, he had about 4 million subscribers.

Since recovery, he has bounced back with a new series where he plays the role of Sheriff in Central Oregon. Currently, he is using his social media presence to advertise products and services such as indoor playsets for homes for various brands.

His girlfriend and cameraman is also putting the break to use as she has occupied herself with the production of a live reality show. Its synopsis is simply her attempt to capture natural disasters and dangerous events happening in California on camera. We learned that she produces this show with her boyfriend, Patty.

Is Patty Mayo a Real Bounty Hunter or Fake?

Controversies have trailed Patty Mayo’s bounty hunter series. Many say that all the operations are fake and staged. These allegations prompted the Oregon Sherrif’s Department to release a video where they revealed that Patty was not a cop or a legally recognized law enforcement officer. They also added that Patty’s videos are scripted and are not reality. Other videos and articles have also been uploaded and published discrediting the authenticity of the show.

Patty Mayo has also come out to confirm the claim of the Sherriff’s office, saying that all the videos he made with Bounty Hunter D were not real except one. This came as a disappointment to many of his fans who would want to believe that the bounty hunting activities of Patty Mayo are real. The revelation, however, has not affected his subscriber base to date.

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What Happened To Him?

Patty Mayo currently resides in California. He has not been very active on his popular YouTube channel due to reasons best known to him. He hasn’t been charged on any accounts of impersonation of a cop or apprehended for the latter either.

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