Ishaa Saha exposes Tuku’s sensitive world in pleasant number

Singer Lagnajita Chakraborty’s ‘Preme Pora Baron’ from Shiladitya Moulick’s upcoming film Sweater is a soft number on unrequited love. The song has been penned and composed by Ranajoy Bhattacharjee.

The song has a common tune, yet Chakraborty has rendered it afresh with the inherent innocence in her voice. The lyrics are candid and convey the simple emotions of the protagonist, Tuku (Ishaa Saha), who gets rejected repeatedly by the prospective grooms for her marriage.

Tuku is an unassuming girl, who is not conventionally beautiful and not very skilled in any field as well. The song, rather than conveying the pain of not uniting with a beloved, expresses Tuku’s sorrows of not being able to give into the emotion of love fully.

The simplicity of the lyrics goes well with the visuals that depict the deep sorrows and little joys of Tuku’s life that are often insignificant to people surrounding her. Tuku laughs and dances in joy in the valley of hills and also plunges into loneliness in her gloomy days, away from all.

In the snippets, Tuku can be seen trying hard to make a sweater to impress one of her prospective mothers-in-law. Her days and nights pass in the pursuit of learning the skill. She finds a refuge in that activity when her friends fail to understand her or her mother doesn’t allow her to explore the complexities of love.

‘Preme Pora Baron’ is more about the sensitive world of Tuku than merely a song on the quest for love. It draws a full picture about her character, her dreams and heartbreaks.

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Sweater is slated for release this month.


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