Isolda Dychauk Dating, Boyfriend, Married, Net Worth, Age, Height, Wiki, Bio

Isolda Dychauk Dating, Married, Net Worth, Age

Isolda Dychauk is in relationship with her long-term boyfriend. Who is her boyfriend?

Born Name Isolda Dychauk
Birth Place Surgut, Russua
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Eye Color Blue
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality Russia
Ethnicity German
Profession Actress
Net Worth $ 18 million
Weight 51
Age 26
Dating Mike Ott

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German actress, Isolda Dychauk is one of the few German actresses, who is successful to establish herself in the industry. Her capability and breathtaking performances were the reason behind her stardom.

Dychauk made her space in people hearts’ and mind’s with her first high-profile film Faust(2011), directed by Russian auteur. In which she has portrayed as Margarete, as a lead role. Which won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Who is Isolda Dychauk?

Isolda Dychauk is one of the German actresses who is successful to grab a huge fan following from her amazing performance. Isolda who was born on February 4th, 1993, made her appearance in various film and television series which includes Cape Town, Faust in which she plays her first led role as Gretchen. Furthermore, with her first appearance in the film Faust, she won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Check out the video for her appearance, her capability to make the character alive and her breathtaking performance.

YouTube: FAUST  Trailer

Dychauk has gone on to work with directing stalwarts like Athina Rachel Tsangari, Denis Cote, Van Den Berghe, etc. She is collaborating on a new half fiction project with her fiancé, Mike Ott.

Dychauk has appeared in many TV series and movies. In the year 2011, she has made her appearance in many  TV series like 1492, Wisdom Of The Holy Spirit, God’s Monster, etc.

The German actress is globally recognized by her fans for her outstanding performance in her first movie Faust. As a result, Dychauk won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Isolda Dychauk’s Personal Life: Single? Or In a Relationship?

As seen on her Instagram, Isolda Dychuak is dating Mike Ott. The 24-year-old young man is a talented guy with several professions. Chiefly, he is a film director but he also writes and produces his movies.

Well, the couple dated for a long time and finally got engaged right before Christmas in December of 2017. As per the pictures from Isolda’s Instagram account, they seem to be inseparable. As the couple is sharing a great relationship, they might get married soon.

Previously, Isolda dated her ex-boyfriend, Mark Ryders. But the relationship did not last long and separated soon.

How Much Net Worth Does  Isolda Dychauk Have? How Much Does He Make From Her Works?

Isolda Dychauk has successfully accumulated an astounding net worth of $18 million in such a tender age. Starring in mainstream movies in Germany has definitely helped her gather her worth.

Previously, she acted as Clara Reichert in the 2008 hit TV series Alles was Recht ist which translates to ‘everything is right’. It is a family comedy which was able to grab 4.7 million viewers after its release.

Currently, the actress is filming the movie Two Girls playing the role of a mother. Furthermore, her role in the tv series Borgia(2011-214) one of the high watching series has helped her a lot to rise and to come in fame.

With her first appearance in the film Faust whose box office collection was over $37.2 thousand and also won Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. From the very first project, she gained huge attention.

As a result, her acting career has helped in boosting her worth from an ordinary individual to a person who is worth millions.

Isolda Dychauk’s Body Measurements

The 25-year-old actress Isolda Dychauk is 5ft 3 inches tall i.e 162 centimeters. Having an average height, she weighs 51 kilos. Similarly, she has a tiny, ideal waist size of 24 inches and a hip size of 34 inches.

Similarly, she is a tiny girl with small feet size of 6. Her dress size is 4. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Isolda has long, blonde and luscious hair and piercing blue eyes. Thus, the beautiful Isolda is worth millions just for her beauty.

Quick facts about Isolda Dychauk

Where is the birthplace of Isolda Dychauk?

Surgut (West Siberia)

What is the zodiac sign of Isolda Dychauk?


What nationality does Isolda Dychauk belong to?


What is Isolda Dychauk ethnicity?


What is Isolda Dychauk eye color?


Which color of hair does Isolda Dychauk have?


How tall is Isolda Dychauk?

5 feet 3 inches

How old is Isolda Dychauk?


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