Jake Cannavale Family, Parents, Net Worth, Earnings, Facts

Jake Cannavale is the heir of a well-renowned family whose father has managed to gain a considerable amount of fan following mostly through his recurring as well as supporting character.

Born Name Jacob Lumet Cannavale
Birth Place Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Eye Color Light Green
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian
Profession Actor, Musician
Net Worth $2 million
Age 25-year-old
Sibling Rocco Robin Cannavale, Rafa
Parents Bobby Cannavale, Jenny Lumet

Jake is also following in his dad’s footstep and judging by his charm and persona, it looks like the kid is really up for some big grabs in Hollywood. But before that happens, let’s see if he matches the skill of his father or is he already more than that. Also, don’t miss what this handsome hunk person looks like as the son of a Hollywoodian, Know about his own net worth, family lineage and quite a lot than that in the article below.

Who Is Jake Cannavale?

Individually Jake Cannavale is famous for his role on Broadway in 2015 in the comedy Fish in the Dark by Larry David. He has also appeared on television’s Nurse Jackie (Charlie Cruz).

Jake made his acting debut in 2005 movie “Romance & Cigarettes.” Some of Cannavale’s lesser-known works are God, The Crackhouse and the Devil and Lonzo (both pre-production), 2017 Moths & Butterflies (Short), 2014 Grapes (Short), 2018 Eat, Brains, Love, 2018 Limit of Wooded Country (Short), 2018 The Elevator (TV Series), 2014 Send (Short), and 2011 The 65th Annual Tony Awards (TV Special).

Jake is mostly known as the son of a well-known celebrity. His father is popular through his work in films and televisions, including regular or recurring roles in Third Watch, Boardwalk Empire, Vinyl, Will & Grace, and Mr. Robot. Jake’s dad is also a laureate of 2005 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for Will and Grace.

Cannavale’s father is, likewise, famous for portraying Gyp Rosetti during the third season of the HBO drama series, Broadwalk Empire for which he won the 2013 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Jake’s dad’s other notable works include roles in projects such as HBO’s Vinyl, Mr. Robot, The Motherfucker with the Hat,  The Station Agent,  Shall We Dance?, Snakes on a PlaneThe Other Guys, Woody Allen’s Blue JasmineChef, the remake of Annie, Paul Feig’s SpyAnt-ManJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and I, Tonya.

But what is to the mystery behind the name of Jake’s father? Let’s find it in the section below.

Jake Cannavale’s Family: Who are His Parents?

Jacob Lumet Cannavale is the son of actor Bobby Cannavale and screenwriter Jenny Lumet, a grandson of film director Sidney Lumet, a great-grandson of Baruch Lumet (a Polish Jewish actor best known for his work in the Yiddish theatre) and also the great-grandson of singer/actress Lena Horne.

Jake’s great-grandmother, Horne was a singer, dancer, actress, and civil rights, activist. Her career spanned over 70 years appearing in film, television, and theater. Lena was the recipient of four Grammy awards, one Tony award and two Hollywood walk of fame.

Jake’s grandfather, Sidney Lumet, likewise, was an academy honoree director. The grandpa managed to nab five Oscar nominations during his career; four for Best Director for 12 Angry Men (1957), Dog Day Afternoon (1975), Network (1976), and The Verdict (1982) and one for Best Adapted Screenplay for Prince of the City (1981).

Because of his father’s relationship with actress Rose Byrne, Jake is also a step-brother to Rocco and Rafa.

Jake Cannavale’s Net Worth: How Much Wealth Has He Earned?

Jake Cannavale doesn’t hold as staggering figure as his father Bobby Cannavale does. But that might be among the last things Jake needs to worry about as he holds a net worth of around $2 million. As such his father Bobby Cannavale possesses a massive fortune of around $8 million.

As for the stats on Jake’s personal accounts, reports vary from tabloids to tabloids; some claiming it be around hundreds of thousands while some going as far as $1 million. Whatever the case, we are sure he is not far away from millionaire’s lifestyle.

Jake is already somewhat of a famous musician, theater and a television actor. and given his profile, he sure must come with an average price tag of $42,000 per year. What’s more that’s just an estimate for a mere musician. Having said that we cannot miss the fact that his father has some big links to Hollywood’s major studios.

It wouldn’t be surprising to hear Jake receiving the fee of the top 10% of the musician; the best paid, of course, which sometimes pikes up to $100,000 per year. Back in September 2015, Jake’s father Bobby Cannavale along with his girlfriend and actress, Rose Byrne snagged a three-bedroom townhouse at 453 Warren Street for just under $2.2 million.

Jake Cannavale: Body Measurements

The son of Bobby Cannavale, Jake Cannavale stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches with a set of light green eyes.

Quick facts: Jake Cannavale

When and where was Jake Cannavile born?

May 1, 1995, Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.

What is the nationality of Jake Cannavale?


Who are the parents of Jake Cannavale?

Bobby Cannavale and Jenny Lumet

What is Jake Cannavile’s ethnicity?

He is a mixture of Northern European, Cuban, Italian, Native American, Ashkenazi Jewish, and Senegalese.

How tall is Jake Cannavale?

5 feet 7 inches

Who are the ancestors of Jake Cannavale?

Sidney Lumet, Baruch Lumet, Lena Horne

What is the eye color of Jake Cannavale?

Light Green

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