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Kimberly Woolen Age , Husband, Net Worth, Wiki, Now

Kimberly Woolen, the seraphic professional dancer, was born on the 3rd of April 1959, in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America. Her place of birth was where she was raised and where she started her dancing career.

Although no information has been disclosed about her education and family background, she is known to be the wife of Glen Campbell. Glen is a popular country singer, a musician who crossed over to the great beyond on the 8th of August 2017. Kimberly goes by the nickname ‘Kim’ and, one ought to know the following facts about her.

Facts You Need To Know About Kimberly Woolen

Dancing Career

As a youngster, Kim has always fancied dancing. Her interest in dancing propelled her to take dancing as a career. She would go on to join a dancing fraternity and that was the launch pad of her dancing career.

There is no doubt that Kimberly Woolen has had a successful dancing career. She was featured as a dancer at two Radio City Music Hall shows. In addition, she was also featured in the Jones Beach production of The Music Man.

Marriage, Husband and Kids

Kim tied the nuptial knot with Glen Campbell on October 25, 1982. Surprisingly, before Kim met Glen, she had never listened to any of his songs. Glen found the fact that she was oblivious to his existence fascinating. Her husband Glen also loved the fact that she didn’t consider him a superstar and fell for him not because of his fame, but because of his charm.

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The lovebirds came in contact on a blind date and it was a case of love at first sight. This blind date was set up by Glen’s banjo player named Carl Jackson. Kim was 24 and Campbell was 26 years old at the time. Carl was dating Kim’s friend back then and decided to matchmake Kim with his boss Glen since she was single. The blind date took place at the prestigious Waldorf-Astoria and reports have it that Kim’s parents were also in attendance.

She Was Glen Campbell’s 4th Wife

Kim and Glen eventually started dating seriously, showering each other with love and affection in 1981. By October of that same year, they got married. Their wedding was a glamorous display of opulence. It took place at the North Phoenix Baptist Church in Arizona, and the occasion was attended by the creme de la creme of the American society. However, this wasn’t Glen’s first rodeo. Kim was, as a matter of fact, the fourth wife of the legendary country singer. Before Kim married Glen, he had already married Sarah Barg, Diane Kirk, and Billie Jean Nunley.

Kim and Glen’s union was blessed with three wonderful children named Cal Campbell (who was born in 1983), Shannon Campbell (born in 1985), and Ashley Campbell ( born in 1986). Glen’s children followed in his footsteps career-wise. They are all talented musicians and were usually part of his touring band.

Sadly, Glen recently died on August 8, 2017, after living a long and fulfilled life as a result of Alzheimer’s disease. He died at the age of 81 in Nashville, 6 years after he was first diagnosed with the condition. Kim always blogged about Campbell’s ailment. Since the death of her beloved husband, she has taken up the mantle and has been the one catering for their children (despite the fact that they are all grown-up, they maintain a close relationship with their mother).

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Kimberly Woolen’s Net Worth

Kim Woolen has been able to garner a good sum of money from her dancing career. However, her net worth remains unknown. Her late husband, on the other hand, earned a lot of money from his musical career. He had an estimated net worth of 50 million dollars and we believe she is the one currently in control of this great fortune.

Social Media Presence

Due to the fact that Kimberly Woolen is a super private person, she is not active on social media. She has successfully kept her personal life away from social media. Kim is neither on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. She always tries to avoid any form of controversy that has the capacity of tarnishing her reputation. This is why she hasn’t been associated with any controversial incident both in her personal and professional life. Apart from when she engaged in a fight with two of Campbell’s oldest children over his well being in 2015, she has a pretty decent and untainted public reputation.

Hight and Body Measurements

No information has been revealed about her height and body measurements. However, we can confirm that she has brown eyes and she’s a natural blonde.

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