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Libby Offutt (Randy Moss wife) Picture, Husband, Net Worth

Libby Offutt is famous as the ex-wife of the former star playerRandy Moss, and mother to trending footballer Thaddeus Moss. The veteran mother went through a shaky journey in family life with uncalled drug addiction.

Born Name Elizabeth Ann Offutt
Birth Place November 1, 1975
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Net Worth $1 million
Age 44 years old
Sibling Jennifer and Angela
Parents Frank Montgomery Offutt and Margarette Offutt

The popular wife of the footballer got intensive media exposure as she married the American superstar and fell into different controversies ever since. So, today, we take you closer to the secret stories and details about the life of the star mother.

Serious Relationship with Randy Moss

Libby Offutt and the football hero, Randy Moss, met at St.Albans High School when the footballer was on his peak, breaking defenses and records. They shared similar interests and got along pretty quick.

The duo never exchanged their vows, but things looked pretty strong between them. When Moss got his breakthrough by being the first-round pick of Minnesota in 1998, he was already a father.

Five Children Together

The lovely pair, Randy Moss and Libby Offutt, were blissfully together with five children. They are named Sydney Moss, Montigo Moss, Senali Moss, Sylee Moss, and Thaddeus Moss.

Things were looking ideal for their happy family, but unfortunately, destiny had other plans.

Parted Ways Due to Drugs

The primary reason behind their separation was the excessive drug usage of Libby. In an interview, he said that his beloved wife spent about $4 million on drugs. The star mom also went to the rehabilitation center three times.

The drug addict diva could not spend much time with her children, which ultimately broke the terms between Libby and her 42-year-old partnerThe famous footballer claimed for the full custody of all five children after their fallout.

As of now, her former soulmate is married to a beautiful woman, Lydia Moss, and spends a lowkey life compared to his previous affair.

Been Through Unfortunate Scandals and Controversies

Things went downhill pretty quick as Libby faced various uncalled circumstances on her way. In 2008, she filed a restraining order against her partner on the case of a physical assault with cuts on arms and neck. Meanwhile, the former footballer comments on the incident as an accident.

After different formal procedures and court proceedings, the order dropped, but other scandals came in her way. She was pictured in a harsh action at a club with Miss Kentucky and Alysha Harris.

Always There for Her Children

Even though Libby Offutt did not get along with the NFL legend, the 44-year-old holds good terms with her beloved children. She tends to meet her children on different occasions and gatherings.

The controversial diva is the mother of one of the most trending footballers today, Thaddeus Moss. Like father, like son, he is a superstar player carrying the legacy of his dad in American football.

Quick Facts:

  • The 44-year-old sacrificed a lot for her family as she left her impressive swimming career when she was pregnant for the first time.
  • Her children, Sydney and Senali Moss, plays basketball, Montigo Moss, Sylee Moss, and Thaddeus Moss play football.
  • Contrary to her other children, Senali Moss works as a YouTuber.
  • Unlike the accusations, the drug tests did not show any substantial evidence of drug usage.
  • Her former partner did not let her meet her children on Christmas 2017.

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