Melodious track with a modern sound lays bare vulnerabilities of lovers

‘O Mon’ song by Amlaan from Pathikrit Basu’s upcoming film Ke Tumi Nandini? reminds of old romantic songs with a modern sound. Written by Prasen, the song is about the desperate yearning to express love and acceptance by the beloved.

The song features newcomer Rupsha Mukhopadhyay and Bonny Sengupta, the protagonists of the film. ‘O Mon’ is a duet rendition by Ishan Mitra and Trisha Chatterjee and in the visuals, we see both Mukhopadhyay and Sengupta trying to get a hint of each other’s feelings in their own ways.

In the trailer, Mukhopadhyay’s character was introduced as a tomboy, while Sengupta came to see her for marriage. Mukhopadhyay was seen demanding all the qualities in Sengupta that are often looked for in a prospective bride.

In the song, Mukhopadhyay seems to have fallen in love with Sengupta, but she cannot muster the courage to express her feelings. The words convey her vulnerabilities of not syncing with the heart’s will and in the visuals too, Mukhopadhyay is seen to be trying to win Sengupta’s attention.

The song, relatively simple yet melodious, also throws light upon the nature of the protagonists. Mukhopadhyay appears to be more expressive and she has surrendered herself to her feelings, while Sengupta seems to be restrained yet caring and protective of the girl at the same time.

In the song, the protagonists set out on a long drive and there is mostly an awkward silence between the two. While Mukhopadhyay seems to be thoroughly enjoying the company, though in silence; the reserved Sengupta is mostly eager to be sure of Mukhopadhyay’s feelings.

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In the song, Mitra’s rendition appears more soulful than Chatterjee’s. The song also generates anticipation about the budding chemistry between the prospective lovers.

Ke Tumi Nandini? is slated for release on 27 April.


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