Melodramatic film or does it offer a positive outlook on people who stammer?

The trailer of Abhimanyu Mukherjee’s upcoming film Googly features Soham Chakraborty, Srabanti Chatterjee and child actor Master Soumyadipta Saha.

The story of Googly revolves around a couple that stammers. However, the real crisis emerges in their life when they decide to have a baby as they fear their child will be born with a similar speech defect.

The trailer introduces Dalia (Chatterjee), who announces that she doesn’t want to get married because of her stammering problem. She even throws a challenge, stating, she wants to see who is daunted enough to get married to her.

Soon she comes across Arjun (Chakraborty), who happily asks her whether she stammers, with a similar kind of impediment while speaking. Dalia is initially angry with the enquiry, thinking Arjun is mocking her. However, both of them realise that they have the same speech defect. But the defect doesn’t become a hurdle in their way of getting together; rather they fall in love with each other and get married.

After their marriage, Arjun expresses his wish to have a baby, but Dalia confronts him expressing her fear of giving birth to a child with a speech defect. However, Arjun reasons with her saying that it is not their fault that they are born with a stammer, and hence, they decide to have a family.

Arjun and Dali give birth to baby boy and call him Googly. Dalia is seen to be paranoid since Googly’s birth and always putting her efforts to make sure that her child has a normal life. The trailer ends with a tragic twist as Dalia is seen crying, smearing cake on her face, following what sounds like a car crash.

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The trailer hints to an original story, but the background score and the suggestion of the twist implies a tragic note underlying the film that was seen in two of Mukherjee’s previous films — last year’s Noor Jahaan and Piya Re. The film will reveal whether it will offer a typical melodramatic story or it come up with a positive message on people with speech defects.

Watch the trailer below:


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