Mirza Ghalib’s work wouldn’t have been preserved if not in India: Javed Akhtar

Veteran lyricist-screenwriter Javed Akhtar says legendary Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib’s work could only have found meaning in India.

“Ghalib was possible only in India. His work wouldn’t have been nurtured and preserved if not for this country. His language and depth used in his work could have only found meaning in India,” Akhtar said.

“What happens in symmetric religions is that they believe there is one supreme power that is our creator and we are their creation but in Vedanth, the creator and creation isn’t different. We are all one, we are a part of the supreme being,” he added.

Akhtar opened up about his thoughts on Ghalib while interacting with the media at the inauguration of Ghalib’s mural at Nagpada junction here.

Akhtar also said that Ghalib had a higher level of emotional understanding.

“The amazing thing about philosophy is that it never turns old or outdated. As compared to other poets, he has written fewer poems but no matter what the situation in your life, you will find a resembling poem written by him. He had such an amazing range of emotions and their understanding.”

Talking about how the Urdu dialect belongs to India, Akhtar said: “This country is very rich when it comes to culture. We have so many languages, which have their own history and literature unlike any other country. Our writers and poets no matter which language they write, they are writers and poets of our country. Just like that Urdu is a Hindustani language.

“There are many misconceptions about it but the truth is that Urdu was spoken in India and now others who speak it anywhere else in the world, they took it from here.”

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