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Patrick Fischler Married Lauren Bowles; Know Their Relationship

Born Name Patrick S. Fischler
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Wife Lauren Bowles
Net Worth $18 million
Age 49 years old
Parents Bill Fischler

If you have watched Happy, then you must know him for portraying the psychopathic killer Smoothie. Yes, we’re talking about Patrick Fischler.

Fischler came to fame for his appearance in Lost and not to mention his appearance in Mad Men. Well, today, we’re going to talk about his life, both personal and professional.

Patrick Fischler Happily Married to Lauren Bowles

The 49 years old actor Patrick Fischler is married to the love of his life, Lauren Bowles. They walked down the aisle on May 28, 2005.

The duo met for the first time during their college days when both of them attended the Tisch School of Arts. It was love at first sight!

They started dating during their college days, and following their graduation, they moved to LA to excel in their career. For that, he, his spouse, and his other friends grouped up to create a theater group, Neurotic Young Urbanites.

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The college sweethearts tied the knot after 16 years of togetherness in a private wedding ceremony in Florence, Italy. Though it’s already been 14 years into their married life, they are still in love with each other.

Recently, on their 14th anniversary, both the husband and the wife took to their socials to wish each other a happy 14th anniversary. Have a look at the posts!

Well, they sure look happy, right? But what really is the reason for their happiness?

Reason for a Successful Marriage

The pair have been together for over 31 years, and still, their love life is as blissful as it gets. But what’s the reason?

Well, the reason is simple! They do not take home their work stress. Once in an interview, Patrick stated,

We may argue about stuff, but we never bring it to our home. When it does, we look at each other, and both just turn work off.

The way is quite effective, it seems! The man also revealed in the same interview that he would love to work with his wife whenever it seems possible.

There’s no one I want to work more with than my wife.

Well, you should really try this in case you’re married.

Patrick Fischler and His Wife’s Children

Within their 14 years of marriage, Patrick Fischler and his beloved partner have become parents only once. They are parents to their daughter, Fia Lucille Fischler, who was born on April 2, 2009.

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Recently, on April 2, 2019, Patrick took to his socials to post a picture of him and his daughter (while infant) to wish her a happy birthday. He wrote, This little girl turns 10 today. Here’ the post.

View this post on Instagram

This little girl turns 10 today. Fia there is nothing I am prouder of in this world than being your father. You have made me a better man. Double digits. Some part of me has forever been dreading this day. But you will always be my little girl. Read the Billy Collins poem below to learn why i’ve been crying all day. “On Turning Ten” The whole idea of it makes me feel like I’m coming down with something, something worse than any stomach ache or the headaches I get from reading in bad light- a kind of measles of the spirit, a mumps of the psyche, a disfiguring chicken pox of the soul. You tell me it is too early to be looking back, but that is because you have forgotten the perfect simplicity of being one and the beautiful complexity introduced by two. But I can lie on my bed and remember every digit. At four I was an Arabian wizard. I could make myself invisible by drinking a glass of milk a certain way. At seven I was a soldier, at nine a prince. But now I am mostly at the window watching the late afternoon light. Back then it never fell so solemnly against the side of my tree house, and my bicycle never leaned against the garage as it does today, all the dark blue speed drained out of it. This is the beginning of sadness, I say to myself, as I walk through the universe in my sneakers. It is time to say good-bye to my imaginary friends, time to turn the first big number. It seems only yesterday I used to believe there was nothing under my skin but light. If you cut me I would shine. But now if I fall upon the sidewalks of life, I skin my knees. I bleed. © 1995 Billy Collins from The Art of Drowning

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Besides, Fischler and his partner also have another member in their family, a pet dog.

Patrick Fischler’s Early Life

Patrick Fischler was born as the son of his father Bill Fischler on December 29, 1969, in Los Angeles, CA, USA. He holds American nationality while his ethnic background is white.

Fischler’s father was a restaurateur as when his son was 5, he purchased a restaurant in Santa Monica. This restaurant had become commonplace for several high-profile celebs including Arnold Schwarzenneger, Sean Penn, and Johnny Carson.

Growing up, Patrick Fischler enrolled at the New York University of Tisch School of Arts and graduated from there in 1992. This was also the place where he met his wife for the first time.

Has Patrick Fischler made Millions from his Career?

As we all know, Patrick Fischler is an actor who has appeared in as much as 125 movies and TV shows to date. From such films, he has amassed a whopping net worth of around $18 million as of 2019.

Came to fame from not his appearance as Jimmy Barrett on the American drama Mad Men, he has since appeared in top-tier movies including The Week That Girl Died and The Test. Not to mention, his appearance in Happy, Lost, and even Veronica Mars are also critically acclaimed.

Movie Title Budget Box Office Collection
Under the Silver Lake (2019) $8.5 million $2.035 million
Hail, Ceaser! (2016) $22 million $64.16 million
The Diabolical (2015) $84,259 
The Pack 2 (2014) $226.6 thousand
2 Guns (2013) $61 million $132.4 million
One for the Money (2012) $40 million $36.19 million
Dinner for Schmucks (2010) $69 million $86.79 million
The Great Buck Howard (2009) $900 thousand
The Black Dahlia (2006) $40 million $49.2 million
Speed (1994) $28 million $350.4 million

Well, this sure does show why Patrick’s fortune amounts to such a high number, right?

Quick Facts: Patrick Fischler

  • Patrick’s father’s restaurant is named Patrick’s Roadhouse Restaurant. This was named after him.
  • He is the co-founder and co-artistic director of an LA theater group, Neurotic Young Urbanites, established by his NYU friends.
  • What he loves about acting is being able to do what he loves.
  • He’s a vegetarian and he loves chili.
  • His favorite movie is The Big Chill.

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