Reena Thakur was in an affair with Upen Pandit

Reena Thakur Age, Height, Net worth, Husband

Reena Thakur shook the Indian media when she started uploading explicit pictures of herself with big politicians of India. Some people even claimed that she is ruining the image of the political party she is associated with.

Born Name Reena Thakur
Birth Place Shimla
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Eye Color Black
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Rajput
Profession Politician
Weight 55 kg
Age 36 years old
Sibling Babita Verma


Thakur is one of the influential politicians in Himachal Pradesh of India. What was her motivation behind doing such activity? Let’s take a look.

Not One but Multiple Sex Scandals

Well, this is not the first time anybody from Bharatiya Janta Party has done such a thing. Some infamous incidents just like this occurred in the past which resulted in the involved people getting thrown out of the party.

In Madhya Pradesh, a State in India, renowned leader Pradeep Joshi was kicked out from the party after his appearance in a really vulgar video went on to become viral.

Affair with Upen Pandit

Upen Pandit is a renowned youth leader from Bharatiya Janta Party. Born in 1988 in the Himachal Pradesh, he is the son of an apple farmer and a schoolteacher. Despite his successful career in politics, his relationship with women was not the best.

Reena and Upen attended the same University, Himachal Pradesh University; however, it is difficult to say if they studied at the same time or not. Despite, being a married man, his relationship with other women is limitless. His relationship with Reena Thakur went on to destroy his career.

The 36-year-old politician, who is also a mother of a six-year-old child released multiple sex tapes on the internet with renowned leaders of the party including the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh.

Thakur’s video with Upen Pandit went on to gain a lot of attraction from the media. The 12-minute long video basically shows Reena and Upen doing intimate things in the bathroom without any clothes on.

The Infamous Phone Conversation with Upen’s Wife

One of the reasons behind the incident being viral was the phone conversation that took place between Reena and Upen’s wife. During the phone call, Reena asks for forgiveness. Pandit’s wife also said that she even knew the date of the incidents when they used to be together.

Pandit’s wife asked Reena how she would feel if her husband was involved with Pandit’s wife. Reena said that she would feel completely fine.

The video shows Upen showering Reena without any clothes on. The video which is really explicit can be seen on some Indian Media websites.

Warning from Narendra Modi to BJP

Pandit and Reena were thrown out of the party as soon as the senior leaders from the renowned political party knew about the incident.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave warning to the party that such incidents should not occur at all or it would put the party in a vulnerable position.

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