Sachin Pilgaonkar gets a makeover from Prarthana Behere

Sachin Pilgaonkar plays a man in his 50s in director Manoj P Sawant’s Love You Zindagi, but he refuses to accept his age and wants others to still treat him like a young man. This is what we learned from the teaser of the film. The trailer elaborates the story a little further. 

The story revolves around Aniruddha [Pilgaokar] who stays in Pune with his wife [Kavita Lad Medhekar] and daughter. He considers himself young and hates being in the company of those who consider him old. His wife, however, doesn’t approve of his beliefs. 

One day, Aniruddha’s daughter forces him to join a dance class run by the young and beautiful Riya [Prarthana Behere]. After initial hesitation, he develops interest and goes through a makeover. This brings him close to Riya. What will happen next? 

The film appears like a light-hearted entertainer with an interesting conflict. While some jokes are not too funny, there are still moments that keep your hopes about the film alive. The best moment of the trailer is Aniruddha taking a dig at Salman Khan for romancing girls half his age. 

Love You Zindagi is all set to release on 11 January. 

Watch the trailer:

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