Sachin Pilgaonkar refuses to act his age in Love You Zindagi: Watch teaser

Characters who refuse to accept they are aging provide a fair amount of humour in a film. Who can forget I S Johar’s portrayal of professor Brij Mohan Agnihotri in Samir Ganguly’s Shagird (1967). The old man tries to woo a woman half his age by doing all that young men do.

Now, Sachin Pilgaonkar walks a similar path in the upcoming Marathi film Love You Zindagi.

The teaser indicates that the film is a light-hearted comedy drama.

The story revolves around Aniruddh Balkrushna Date (Pilgaonkar) who refuses to accept that he is growing old and questions why actors who are almost his age are considered ‘heroes’ while he is looked at as an ‘uncle’. He visits clubs with his friends and takes offense when addressed as ‘sasre bua’ [a colloquial term for father-in-law]. Also, Aniruddh believes he doesn’t suffer from diabetes because it affects only old people.

The mood and feel of the film is contemporary despite it being about an aged character. Perhaps, reflecting the protagonist’s state of mind.

A twist in the tale occurs when a beautiful girl (Prarthana Behere) enters Aniruddh’s life. She shortens his name to Ani to make it cool and young.

Interestingly, actress Sonali Kulkarni too is gearing up to play a character who behaves much younger than her real age in the upcoming Marathi film Madhuri. This film’s subject, however, is on a more serious note as the character suffers from retrograde amnesia.

Love You Zindagi is helmed by first-time director Manoj P Sawant, who has also been credited for the story.

The film is scheduled to be released on 14 December.

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Watch the teaser below:

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