Sandeep Kulkarni looks promising in intriguing psychological thriller

The first poster of director Datta Mohan Bhandare’s Krutant, featuring actor Sandeep Kulkarni, gave an idea that the film is an emotional ride of a wanderer. However, the recently released trailer reveals more about the psychological thriller.

The story revolves around Samit [Suyog Gorhe] who works in the corporate field. Thanks to his hectic schedule, he has no time for his wife and mother. On his wife’s insistence, he decides to go on a trip with his friends. Samit is required to visit a destination from where his friends will pick him up in their car.

However, their car breaks down and Samit is left in the middle of nowhere. This is where he meets a mysterious wanderer [Kulkarni]. He finds him weird because of his talks. But Samit finally agrees to listen to the tale the man is eager to share from his past. His strict condition is that Samit should listen to the full story. Strangely, the story the man is revealing starts playing in front of Samit’s eyes. He is now sucked into a web of mystery.

The trailer goes onto a different plane once Kulkarni’s character enters the scene. It is quite intriguing and makes you interested in knowing what happens ultimately.

Kulkarni appears promising in a role he is playing for the first time. Gorhe seems to fit in the role. He is known for his act in Sameer Patil’s Shentimental, which featured Ashok Saraf in the lead.

Krutant will be in theatres on 18 January.

Watch the trailer below:

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