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Sheek Louch is the stage name of an American rapper and record label owner whose real name is Sean Divine Jacobs. Not many people know him by this name.

Donnie Def Jam and Donnie G are some of the other names associated with him.

Some of those are nicknames, some of those artistic names, but none of them were really that prominent.

Early years

He was born on November 9, 1976, in a part of New York called Brooklyn. He grew up surrounded by music and started rapping from a young age.

It was his way out of the complicated situations that happened and he used his lyrics to say stories that happened to him even later in life.

He had a lot of friends living in the same apartment buildings as him. The families were close and when somebody moved because of work, the other families followed so he was always hanging out with the same friends.

They all went to the same high school and played together in the same football teams. It was the Gorton High School located in Yonkers, New York. He was big about sports as well since he loved to use up this extra energy that he had.

After he and his friends got interested in music they started making their music and even sold their own tapes in high school.

The first name they gave themselves as a group was the Bomb Squad, and later it was The Warlocks. Sheek likes to remember those young days, when they listened to Run-D.M.C. and Public Enemy, trying to become famous like them.

One of his closest friends was Jason Philips who was his inspiration for making rhymes and music. Jason later started building his music career as Jadakiss.

Career development

Jason and Sheek invited another good rapper Styles P and they formed a musical trio naming themselves „The LOX”.

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One of the most popular female American singer and Grammy Award winner Mary J. Blige discovered the group and helped them enter the world of music by getting them a contract with Bad Boy Records.

This record label is owned by Sean Combs and is one of the biggest in the US. Their debut album came out in January 1998 under the name „Money, Power & Respect“.

The album became a big hit and it made it to No.3. on the Billboard 200 list. They released two huge hits called „If You Think I’m Jiggy“ and „Money, Power & Respect“. The album was eventually certified platinum and this was one of the biggest things that the group has achieved.

LOX later left Sean Comb’s label to join another record label called Ruff Ryders. They didn’t do this easily since they had a contract with Bad Boy Records.

This took place in the summer of 1999, and since the label did not want to release the group they started a public campaign to succeed in it. It was “Free the Lox campaign” and the members wore “Let the LOX Go” t-shirts all the time.

Sheek Louch

Their campaign and the public pressure made Bad Boy Records release them from their contract to avoid negative publicity.

There were always a lot of controversies when it comes to any of these contracts because there would be one person that decides to talk bad stuff and media would love that.

In January 2000, the group released their 2nd studio album titled „We Are the Streets“. They tried to implement a different sound, but the world of music was already focusing on stuff that is a lot different.

Sheek was always an entrepreneur so he soon started looking for other ways to make a profit. He said that he is self-made and that he always loved to do his own projects and not to let other people navigate his career as much.

He builds them a studio and opened a D-block car wash. He invested in many different things, hoping that one would work well enough so he has a good income source.

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In 2003, Sheek released his debut studio album through his own label called „D-Block Records”. The album was received well but not great, peaking at No.9. on US Billboard 200 chart as „Walk With Me“.

In 2005, Shzeek released his 2nd studio album and named it „After Taxes“. Guests on this album were Jadakiss, Ghostface Killah, Redman and more. The album made it to 23 on US Billboard 200.

In 2008 he released „Silverback Gorilla“, his 3rd album which was also an average success. He tried to make bigger hits, but it just seemed like people were not up to all of that stuff.

In 2009, his 4th album was released through Real Talk Entertainment Record label which landed even worse, on No. 122 of the US Billboard 200 chart.

In 2010 Sheek released his 5th album which gained more attention but for a short time.

His 6th album came out in 2015 under the title „Silverback Gorilla 2″. The album was released through Tommy Boy Entertainment and had many guest appearances from artists such as Pusha T, Fabolous, and Billy Danze. It was semi-successful on the charts.

In 2012, Sheek released his collaborative album together with Ghostface Killah, one of the members of one of the biggest rap groups named Wu-Tang Clan.

Sheek was heavily backlashed for the cover of his album Donnie G. Don Gorilla. It is because his face was transformed into a gorilla with the help of Photoshop and it rose racial comments and the rage of people who found it offensive for a black man to be portrayed as a gorilla.

In 2015 he released his mixtape „Gorillaween” which was meant as a warm-up for his new album.

In 2019 his new mixtape „Gorilaween 2“ was released through his D-Block Records, featuring Jadakiss and Styles P and „Sheek Louch – Beast Mode“ came out the same year.

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„Beast Mode“ was also the name of his two former mixtapes named „Beast Mode Vol.1“ and „Beast Mode Vol. 2“.

The check also announced a new LOX album. This was all pretty exciting for him and he said that he would never hype up the fans for nothing.

Sheek tried to gain a movie role several times but he was never chosen for any.

Although he once appeared in a very small role in the music movie called “Honey”. It was in 2003.

Before that, he had an appearance in a comedy talk show named “All That”. It was in 1998, and it was his first-ever appearance in a TV show.

He has over 250 thousand followers on his Instagram account. He isn’t as active as he should be, but he tries to share snippets of his life in order to be interesting to people.

Personal life

Sheek is a huge fan of comedy and likes to watch performances by Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, and Kevin Hart.

He says that this helps him move his mind from some of the world’s hardest topics to cover.

Many of his fans don’t know that he is a great ice skater and that he spends a lot of time at skating risks in New York. He has great balance and loves to spend time doing various sports.

He keeps his private life very private and does not share information about his love life.

It is known that he is not married but has a son. This caused quite a lot of controversy back in the day, but it didn’t shake his fanbase horribly.

He tweeted about how he spends time with his son but he never revealed the name of the son or the name of the son’s mother. He wants to give him some privacy.

Sheek Louch Quick summary

Full name: Sheek Louch

Date of birth: November 9, 1976

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Age: 44 (as November 9, 1976)

Profession: Rapper, Producer

Height: 1,82 m

Weight: 83 kg

Net Worth: $3 million

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