Simmba will be a franchise, confirms Karan Johar

The trailer of director Rohit Shetty’s action entertainer Simmba was launched today in Mumbai. During the event, Karan Johar, the producer and the host, revealed that the Ranveer Singh-starrer will be a franchise.

Before showcasing the trailer, he announced, “I want you to see this [Ranveer and Shetty] collaboration burst on celluloid. This is the launch of the Simmba franchise.”

Later on, when he was asked the same, he said, “Neki aur poochh poochh? His nickname is Rohit Franchise Shetty. He can make a franchise out of anything. Just that he can’t make a franchise of himself because nobody else can be Rohit Shetty.”

During the course of the conversation, Johar highlighted that it will now be impossible to stop Ranveer and Shetty from working together. “It is clear that these two will continue to reunite. They themselves won’t be able to stop each other. They have such love and admiration for each other that you will notice it in every frame, shot and moment of the film. I can assure you Rohit Shetty will not be able to work without Ranveer Singh.”

On a lighter note, Johar added, “Ranveer Singh works with Rohit Shetty even when he is not on a Rohit Shetty set. He talks to me like Simmba on a daily basis. He is on any filmmaker’s set, he will be Simmba. It is going to be a combination that will never ever go away. God willing they will always give each other and the audience the love they have promised.”

Also starring Sara Ali Khan, Ashutosh Rana, Sonu Sood and Siddharth Jadhav, Simmba will be released on 28 December.

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