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Smita Tambe’s Saavat to hit theatres on 5 April

Director Saurabh Sinha’s Marathi movie Saavat was earlier supposed to be out on 22 March, but the film got postponed. The latest teaser reveals that the film will now be released on 5 April. The makers had already released a teaser and a trailer of the film, which is a mystery thriller.

Saavat features Smita Tambe in the lead role of a police officer who investigates seven murders in seven years in a small village in Maharashtra. The villagers blame a mysterious supernatural forces behind the deaths. But Tambe’s character doesn’t believe in the theory. She realizes that all seven deaths had taken place on the same day as per the Hindu calendar.

The latest teaser of the film doesn’t feature her. It has a scene about Tambe’s junior inspector inquiring about the death to a villager. The villager claims to have witnessed some supernatural force but the cop makes fun of his theory. He gives references of Hollywood superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America and Thanos.

The reference seems forced. But the main problem with the teaser is the lip sync, which is off.

Saavat is the directorial debut of Sinha. He was earlier involved with making and producing short films.

Watch the teaser below:



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