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Suzanne Malveaux Bio, Partner, Husband, Parents, Net Worth

No one would disagree with this, Suzanne Malveaux is one of the most popular journalists working with Cable News Network (CNN). As a national correspondent of the American news channel, Suzanne covers national news, politics and international events.

Beyond being an award-winning journalist, Suzanne is admired for her keen interest in promoting the welfare of others. Specifically, she is known for her efforts to generate awareness and promote scientific inquiry for Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). Even, she had to make a serial coverage of her mom’s battle with ALS for CNN with the hope of getting the world to be more mindful of the disease.

Should we count the numerous prestigious accolades Suzanne has bagged from her journalistic endeavours, it would be apparent why she has become the symbol of excellence for both those in the field already and those hoping to settle for a career in journalism someday.

To cite some instances, her 2013 ALS series inspired Alliance for Women to honour her with a Gracie Award. Not long past, the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University felt the need to appreciate Malveaux for covering what was described as one of the top 50 stories of the Century. CNN would take any chance it gets to point out that Suzanne, as a co-anchor, played a major role in the Emmy award it won for covering the Egyptian revolution and the Peabody award it equally picked up for covering the Arab Spring.

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While the lady also helped the network earn other Emmy awards for covering elections, she likewise, aided the network’s earning of another Peabody award for its reporting of Hurricane Katrina. That’s not all, Suzanne Malveaux was a  key player in CNN’s coverage of the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia which earned the media house a DuPont Award.

Before Suzanne joined CNN, she was with NBC News where she primarily served as a correspondent. Her career journey with CNN started in May 2002.

Suzanne Malveaux Bio

To the best of our knowledge, Suzanne’s journalism career breakthrough came when she was employed as a general assignment reporter for NBC’s WFXT-TV in Washington, D.C. However, the journey started in 1992 with the New England Cable News in Boston.

Born Suzanne Maria Malveaux on the 4th day of December 1966 in Lansing, Michigan, the journalist was brought up in New Orleans. If records are right, she is of African, Spanish and French descent. Following her family’s decision to move from New Orleans and settle in Howard County, Maryland, Suzanne became a student of Centennial High School located in Ellicott.

In order to gather advanced education, Suzanne went to Harvard University where she earned for herself a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She would later attend Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and obtain a Master’s degree in Journalism.

Her hobbies include taking part in triathlons and participating in marathons.

Parents and Family

From the foregoing, we’ve learnt that Malveaux’s mother, Myrna Maria Ruiz has been battling Lou Gehrig’s Disease. What we didn’t mention was that she was once a teacher. We can also tell that Suzanne’s father, Floyd Joseph Malveaux is a medical doctor, an expert on asthma and allergic diseases. The man is a Professor of Microbiology and Medicine at Howard University.

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Suzanne has three siblings, a sister, Suzette Malveaux and two brothers – Courtney and Greg. You can learn more about the Malveaux family here.

Malveaux’s Net Worth

As common with most popular individuals, people are interested in knowing the extent of Suzanne Malveaux’s wealth. Because of this, you will find several figures quoted as her net worth. While it has been assumed in some quarters that the journalist is worth between $3 to $5 million, we are yet to substantiate any of the figures as they are all at best, guessed estimations.

Of course, Suzanne’s wealth ought to be running into millions but then, that’s as far as we can tell. The value of everything she owns is best known to her.

Husband, Partner, Is Suzanne Malveaux Gay? 

In view of Suzanne’s age, many have assumed she is married and living with her husband. As such, they have been frustrated in their quest to know who her life partner is. Well, she isn’t married. She has no husband and there’s probably, no such person as her boyfriend.

Now that you know this, you are wondering if she’s gay huh? Sorry, we can’t help you much here. The journalist has been very much in love with her career. Her sexual orientation isn’t known. Nevertheless, it is most likely she isn’t gay.

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