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The Twilight Zone Finale Trailer Features Seth Rogen & Zazie Beetz

CBS All Acess has released a trailer for the season finale of Jordan Peele‘s The Twilight Zone revival, directed by Simon Kinberg (Dark Phoenix) and titled “Blurryman”. The episode stars Zazie Beetz and Seth Rogen as a pair of writers being haunted by a mysterious figure as they both slowly lose their grip on reality. Which, you know, extremely relatable.

For a 60-minute clip the trailer is filled with nods a’plenty to several other things, including William Hughes Mearns‘ famous  poem “Antigonish” (“I met a man who wasn’t there…”) and the classic Twilight Zone episode, “Time Enough At Last.” You might remember that episode as the one where a near-sighted bank teller (Burgess Meredith) finally has enough time to read all the books he desires after surviving a nuclear apocalypse, only to shatter his reading glasses on the library steps. I can’t help but point out that shattering your glasses is something that would leave the world mighty…blurry. It’s all very meta, and that’s before you notice the shots in the “Blurryman” trailer—specifically at 0:40—that seem to show someone writing an intro to an episode of The Twilight Zone.

Check out the trailer below. The season finale of The Twilight Zone hits CBS All Access on May 30.

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