Tritio Adhyay trailer holds a lot of mystery amidst the sorrow of unrequited love

The trailer of Manoj A Michigan’s upcoming romantic thriller Tritio Adhyay is out. Starring Abir Chatterjee and Paoli Dam, the film tells an unusual tale, of two estranged lovers.

The trailer holds a lot of mystery and hardly reveals anything about the story except for the unfortunate separation of childhood lovers played by Chatterjee and Dam. The younger versions of the characters are played by Sourav Das and Arunima Halder, respectively.

The trailer begins with a restriction order on SK Mukherjee’s public appearances and any communication with the media. In the next scene, Chatterjee’s character is seen looking for a book written by Mukherjee.

Without revealing anything more about the character, the trailer shifts to Chatterjee’s trip to a serene location. Chatterjee, who is seen fiddling with guns, makes it clear to his attendant that he has not travelled to the place for a vacation but is looking for someone.

Glimpses of the first chapter of the story introduce the young lovers and their amateur rendezvous accompanied by a conversation between Chatterjee and Dam that takes place in the present in the background.

Chatterjee asks Dam the reason for not getting married after their long separation. The latter replies that she has lost the desire for survival.

In the second chapter, Chatterjee confesses his feelings for Dam after their separation and, in an intriguing scene, holds her at gunpoint.

As the song in the background goes, Chatterjee’s longing to reunite with his lover pervades the trailer. While Dam goes on distancing herself for reasons not revealed in the trailer, burying herself in her grief, Chatterjee clings to her.

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There is a parallel plot in the story that leads Chatterjee’s character into violence and a game of revenge and it seems to be linked with the chapter of their separation as well.

The Tritio Adhyay trailer is puzzling, perhaps to generate anticipation. However, the sorrow of unrequited love comes across in Chatterjee’s dishevelled look and Dam’s apparent disinterest in love and life.

Tritio Adhyay is slated for release on 25 January 2019. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch this film in the theatres.


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