Vir Das’s American TV show Whiskey Cavalier to be premiered on 27 February 2019

Actor-comedian Vir Das’s American TV show Whiskey Cavalier will be premiered on 27 February 2019.

Das, who will be seen playing an agent named Jai Datta in the show, took to social media on Thursday to share the information.

“Announcement! The date is set. ‘Whiskey Cavalier’ is coming to ABC Network on February 27. See you on Wednesdays! And hello American TV,” the stand-up comedian tweeted.

Das was also extremely excited to share a snapshot of a digital billboard of his Netlfix show Losing It beaming at New York’s iconic Times Square.

“I’m so sorry to do this. It’s hard to be ‘cool’ about this one. I’m excited and grateful. If you told me three years ago that I’d get a billboard on Times Square, I’d tell you that you were losing it,” he tweeted.

Whiskey Cavalier makes Das just the second Indian after actress Priyanka Chopra to feature in a regular American television show. Chopra starred in the hit show Quantico, which was premiered on ABC in 2015.

Vir Das said in a statement: “Priyanka Chopra has done extremely well in America and has opened doors for many people. She has become an icon and a recognizable name there. She has paved a way and I’m glad Whiskey Cavalier is happening at a time when there is a growing diversity in the West.”

The actor is currently in Prague in the Czech Republic filming for the show and is set to return to India soon to begin his next project.

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