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Virginia Donald Bio, Facts About Shepard Smith’s Ex-Wife

Virginia Donald stepped into the limelight after her marriage to news anchor Shepard Smith. People who frequent Fox News channel need no explanation on why Virginia came on the public eye after her marriage to the news anchor. Shepard as one of Fox favorite has been pulling weight since his emergence as a stakeholder in the media house. Virginia and Smith stayed married for a couple of years before they split. But this did not entirely draw the attention of the media away from her, especially as the reason behind their divorce was very vague at the time.

Donald’s divorce from Smith was discussed on various media platforms at the time, with many weighing in from different dimensions regarding the unexpected development. All that has been put to rest now and the two have moved on with their lives. But it would be interesting to find out more about Virginia Donald, her marriage and divorce from the news anchor. The truth came to light after some years and it is all here in this article.

Virginia Donald Bio

Information about her birthday is not available, but we do know that Virginia Donald was born in Mississippi. Growing up she was intelligent and clever and excelled in her academics. She is an alumnus of the University of Mississippi. Virginia was inclined to arts; this was why she also attended The Meek School of Journalism. As fate would have it, Shepard also attended the same institution. Virginia tried her luck with acting after her graduation from college.

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Virginia Donald enlisted for several auditions hoping to get small roles in theatre and other platforms. At the time, she had already met Shepard Smith and the two soon began a relationship. Smith admitted to having a crush on her for so long before gathering the courage to tell her. After dating for a while the two got married in 1987. However, after six years of marriage, they divorced in 1993, under very vague circumstances.

Smith joined Fox news channel later on in 1996. He was quite remarkable from the very start attracting lots of fans with his apt coverage of topical events like the death of Princess Diana, the Florida ballot-counting controversy, and many others. He even went on to create his own show, The Fox Report with Shepard Smith. However, something remained confusing, the reason behind his divorce and his relationship status.

Questions regarding the unexpected divorce by the once loved up couple led to speculations most of which revolved around Smith’s sexuality. In 2011, It was reported that Smith was in a relationship with Fox News production assistant, Giovanni Graziano further arousing gay rumors. Smith later opened up in 2017 and confirmed he was gay. His coming out as gay cleared the air regarding the reason behind his abrupt divorce from Virginia Donald; which is the fact that he was actually into men all the while.

Other Facts About Shepard Smith’s Ex-Wife

  • Since her ex came out as gay, Virginia Donald according to reports, cut all ties with Shepard Smith. She does not communicate with him and has spared no comments about his sexuality.
  • Virginia’s media following gradually dropped after her divorce, as well as Smith’s gay episode phased away. Everyone has moved on after coming to terms with the fact that the once loved up couple split as a result of issues of sexuality.
  • With regards to her love life, it cannot be said with certainty whether the former wife of Shepard Smith is married to another man. Although several sources have reported that she has been single since her divorce, only an assertion by Donald herself can make it a fact. But we may never get this assertion as she has been living a private life ever since then.
  • With regards to her financial status, Virginia Donald has a net worth estimated at $1 million. She independently acquired this, as the amount was calculated from her own personal endeavors. Smith’s net worth has been estimated at a whopping $10 million. Reports have it that Virginia’s financial status was higher than recent estimations while she was still married to the TV personality.
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