Vishesh Bhatt to produce series on RK Laxman’s book Servants Of India

 Filmmaker Vishesh Bhatt, son of producer Mukesh, will be producing a web-series based on late RK Laxman’s book Servants Of India.

The book is a combination of work of fiction and a few incidents that Laxman experienced himself. 

“RK Laxman had interesting stories to tell and his vulnerable characters enhanced his vision. I am so glad that his family believed in me and gave me the opportunity to make this series,” Bhatt said in a statement. 

“I am really looking forward to working on this project and bringing his characters to life with contemporary twists,” he added. 

RK IPR Management, a company founded by RK Laxman, has expressed confidence in Bhatt and his plan to make the series. 

In the series, every character will have a certain idiosyncrasy. Bhatt wants to adapt the characters with a new age and quirky treatment.

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