What causes a friendship to break apart?

In 1964, Rajshri Productions’ classic film Dosti won over hearts and audiences with a stalwart story of a friendship between two teens, one blind boy and the other handicapped after an accident. It was held up as an all-time classic.

Nearly 55 years later, the production house that brought the ageless black-and-white film returns with another tale of friendship. This time around four friends, Namit (Prit Kamani), Surjo (Tushar Pandey), Abeer (Anshuman Malhotra), and Manjari (Simran Sharma) are not as close as they used to be in college. The estranged classmates have moved on in life, but they are still bitter about the past.

Aisi dosti sirf filmon mein hoti hai [These kinds of friendships exist only in films],” says Namit, while Surjo argues who has time to keep up friendships. That is one aspect of adulting teenagers have a hard time coming to terms with, the loss of friends who were once your whole life. Yet, these former friends are still aware of the important milestones each has encountered in work and in their personal lives.

What caused these ‘friends like family’ to drift apart since college? They seem unwilling to divulge. But it seems like the movie, written and directed by Abhishek Dixit, will reveal what caused the friends to split apart.

Hum Chaar, which will introduce four new faces as the friends, is due to be released on 15 February 2019.

Watch the trailer below:

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