Adventures Of Jojo promises thrills for children and adults alike

The trailer of Raj Chakraborty’s upcoming film Adventures Of Jojo promises all the fun and thrills of an engaging adventure story. The characters in the trailer also suggest that the film has been made for both children and adults.

Jojo, played by Joshojit Banerjee, visits the house of his uncle (Padmanabha Dasgupta) in Borpahari and carries his imaginary friends Tabu and Notobor along with him on his trip.

Jojo is mesmerized to visit the forest there that is infested with various animals and birds. He gets a surprise when Tabu (Samiul Alam) and Notobor emerge from his drawing copy into reality.

Jojo’s uncle advises him about the importance of wildlife and Chengis, a royal Bengal tiger, who is one of the central characters of the film, is introduced.

With Jojo’s uncle’s advice come the threats of poachers, who are bent upon destroying the forest and its animals. As one of the animals gets killed by the head (Rudranil Ghosh) of the gang, Jojo and Notobor take up the responsibility of protecting the animals. And thus the adventures of the undaunted Jojo and his friends begins.

The child artistes reflect innocence and Chakraborty seems to have invested genuine efforts in terms of special effects and in recreating the wildlife scenario. He has also lent Samiul Alam a look reminiscent of Mowgli from Kipling’s The Jungle Book. The action sequences don’t appear over-the-top and the conflict between the villains and the protagonists reminds you a lot about children’s adventure books.

Watch the trailer below and let us know if you will be taking your kids to watch this film.

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