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Check Out What Ayla Woodruff Chose Instead of a Showbiz Career

Born Name Ayla Woodruff
Birth Place Arizona, New York, USA
Height 4 feet 11 inches
Eye Color Blue
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality American
Ethnicity Multiracial
Profession YouTuber, HR Generalist
Net Worth $500 thousand
Age 27 years old
Dating Kian Lawley
Sibling Blake Woodruff, Raina Woodruff, Trevor Woodruff
Parents Diana Woodruff, Brian Woodruff

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Have you seen the 2003 remake of the famous Cheaper by the Dozen? It stars a young lad Blake Woodruff! But, today, we aren’t talking about him, we’re dwelling upon his sibling, Ayla Woodruff‘s life.

Ayla was also a part of the movie; however, she was an extra for the film. Though she had an appearance in the birthday cake scene, she didn’t make it through the final cut. Let’s look at what the lady is doing nowadays.

Ayla Woodruff’ Career Choice and Earnings

The sister of Blake Woodruff, Ayla Woodruff is a perfect example for started at the bottom and now at the top. She’s done it all – from being a brand ambassador to being a waitress to even an intern for an event coordinator. And, not to mention her career as a YouTuber.

First things first, she’s currently a Human Resource Generalist for Connelly Inc. As an HR, she makes an approximate $51 thousand per year. Since she’s a Generalist since 2015, she must have made a total of $204 thousand as of 2019.

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Secondly, Woodruff is also a lifestyle YouTuber. She started her channel on August 19, 2015, and it’s still running as it is with over 783 thousand subscribers.

YouTube: Here’s an intro to Ayla Woodruff’s YouTube Channel

As every other YouTube star, she also makes a hefty amount from her YouTube Videos. From her channel, she generates as much as $281 per month while annually, she is expected to earn $4.5 thousand.

Let’s not forget, Woodruff is also a social media influencer, and hence, ads for various brands on her socials. At the moment, the YouTuber is a brand ambassador for Revolve Clothing Brand.

Woodruff usually posts ads on his Instagram account. For such, she generates in between $3..2 thousand and $5.3 thousand per ads post on her Insta account.

Before such a career, Ayla used to work as a server and trainer for restaurants. Similarly, she has also interned for the position of an event coordinator for almost two years.

Though Ayla’s career speaks a lot about herself, there’s still one thing that has always created a buzz, and it’s all about her relationship with controversial YouTuber Logan Paul. Let’s look into what kind of relationship the duo had.

Ayla Woodruff and Logan Paul: What Kind of Affair Did They Have?

Well, to state the fact, Ayla Woodruff and Logan Paul are just friends. The duo’s relationship rumors sparked only because they were spotted together in Logan’s videos time and again. The Reason?

YouTube: Logan Paul and Ayla Woodruff flirting with each other

Well, Woodruff, though now has her own YouTube Channel, was an assistant to Paul on his YouTube Channel for a few years. She was with him till August 2017.

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There were even rumors of beef about the duo. However, for such hearsay, Ayla took to her YouTube to post a video describing what kind of relationships the pair had! She revealed,

Logan and I still hang out, you guys still see me on the vlogs all the time.

The influencer further added,

It’s no hard feelings. I’m super excited for him to have a new assistant and to get it straight, he will not admit this in the vlog, he did not fire me.

Here’s the full video!

Well, the duo is still friends with each other. Just Friends!

Quick Facts: Ayla Woodruff

  • YouTuber’s fav color is aquamarine.
  • She loves horse riding.
  • Her favorite shows are Spongebob, The Simpsons, and Punk’d.
  • The lady is a fitness freak. She even has a video explaining how she stays fit.
  • Did you know Ayla was bullied due to her small size?
  • She had her first tattoo only in 2017, with the words, Mr. Moomer.
  • Woodruff was once the Vice President of the Psychology Club while at college.

Well, how much do you think Ayla Woodruff has earned from her career? Can you guess? Woodruff has acquired a net worth of over $500 thousand as of 2019.

If you wanna know, here’s the link to Ayla Woodruff’s dating affairs.

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