Courtney Waldrop acted in TLC's Sweet Home Sextuplets.

Courtney Waldrop Age, Married, Husband, 5 Unknown Facts

No word other than strong and brave can be given to introduce Eric Waldrop‘s wife Courtney Waldrop, who gave birth to sextuplets. If you follow TLC, then you surely know Courtney from her show, Sweet Home Sextuplets, that cover their story of giving birth to six children.

Born Name Courtney Waldrop
Birth Place USA
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Teacher
Husband Eric Waldrop
Net Worth $1 million
Age 38 years old(as 2020)

Courtney got widespread media attention when she gave birth to six babies at a time in the fall of 2017. Consequently, TLC covered her remarkable real-life story on their show called Sweet Home Sextuplets. So, today, we delve into all the stories behind Courtney’s hard-fought journey to give sextuplets and how she maintains her big family.

Courtney Waldrop Gave Birth to Sextuplets with Eric Waldrop 

The 36-year-old TLC star, Courtney Waldrop, endured immense shock when doctors found six fetuses on her womb. Despite all the risks, she alongside her husband, Eric Waldrop, gathered all courage to give birth to six children in December 2017.

The Sweet Home Sextuplets diva welcomed three boys and three girls on 11 December 2017 within four minutes. Even though she was ten weeks early and there were a lot of complications, she was successful in giving birth to sextuplets.

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Eric and Courtney named their six children as Layke Bryays, Blu Wellington, Tag Bricker, Rivers McCall, Ryne McCoy, and Rawlings McClaine. Besides, her other children are Saylor Waldrop, Wale Waldrop, and Bridge Waldrop.  The Alabama based pair always wanted to have a big family, but they did not expect to be parents to nine children.

When the hospital found six fetuses inside Courtney, it scared the Waldrop couple as they endured a history of failed births and miscarriages. As such circumstances arose, there was a definite risk of premature delivery, stroke, and other c-section risks. However, with the use of low-dose fertility drugs, they could carry out the delivery without much danger.

Courtney’s Multiple Miscarriages

The Sweet Home Sextuplets actress, Courtney Waldrop, endured miscarriages for a few times before her sextuple delivery. The mother of nine miscarried for the first time in her second pregnancy. A series of harrowing miscarriages occurred in that period, which resulted in her to be in extreme depression.

After they gave birth to twins, she bore a series of miscarriages again. However, the Waldrop duo didn’t give up, and they were successful in bearing six more kids.

Courtney Waldrop and Eric Waldrop: Lovers got Married

The Sweet Home Sextuplets artist, Courtney, married Eric Waldrop in 2004. Currently, fifteen years and nine kids later, the two are blissfully together and happy in their wedlock.

Before her marriage, Courtney used to work as a first-grade teacher. Meanwhile, her significant half, Eric Waldrop, jointly owns a landscaping business, Robinson & Waldrop Landscape Group LLC.

YouTube: Courtney Waldrop gave birth to sextuplets on the fall of 2017.

The TLC stars, Courtney and Eric Waldrop, shared a bond that dates back to their school days. It can be termed as a match made in heaven since the duo were lovers since 8th grade.

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Courtney Waldrop Starring in Sweet Home Sextuplets

Courtney Waldrop rose to the epitome of stardom when TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuples show covered her alongside her husband, Eric Waldrop. They starred the much-loved family show alongside their nine children, specifically the sextuplets, sharing insight on raising such a large family.

The television show premiered on 18 September 2018 and renewed for the second season. According to reports, the Waldrop family makes about $40,000 per episode.

Quick Facts: Courtney Waldrop

  • Despite premature delivery, Courtney’s sextuplets, two of the daughters, were in the hospital for 53 days while the other three sons were there for 72 days after birth.
  • Earlier to her dramatic family life, she used to be a teacher at Albertville Primary School.
  • The town of Alabama raised a fundraiser in a 5k gender reveal party, to help the Waldrop couple at the time of financial pressure to handle sextuplets.
  • Surprisingly, the duo resides in an enormous villa of 40 acres, where there is a sheep farm of 20 acres.
  • Her soulmate, Eric, graduated from Auburn University on landscape horticulture.

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