Gerri Willis is married to David Evans since 1994.

How Did Gerri Willis Actually Beat Cancer?

Born Name Gerri Willis
Birth Place Spruce Pine, North Carolina
Height 6 feet 0 inch
Eye Color Blue
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Anchor, Journalist, Author
Husband David Evans
Net Worth $2 million
Weight 64 kg
Age 60 years old
Sibling Steve Willis, Frankie Willis

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Gerri Willis wowed the world after surviving a stage 3 breast cancer. She became a role model for many around the world.

Willis suffered from cancer not only once but twice. To survive cancer twice is something which a really few people can do. As a cancer survivor, she is using her media influence and raising awareness about cancer. Let’s look at this personality’s life a bit more!

Cancer Journey

Gerri Willis suffered from cancer twice, which is a pain only a few people in this world can bear. First, Willis was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer which she found out on April 2016 after noticing her nipples inverted. She was at work when she found out the deadly news and she immediately called the love of her life.

Youtube: Watch Willis talk about cancer survival.

The FBN anchor went through the treatment for nine months which she said made her mentally and physically weary. The news of cancer was a huge surprise for her as she had led a very healthy life and had no medical problems.

The Willis Report host learned a lot of life-changing lessons after going through the treatment like setting her priorities straight. Life can get out of control sometimes but all you have to do is believe in yourself.

The breast cancer survivor suffered from cervical cancer for the second time in 2019; however, the doctor removed the pre-cancerous cells from the cervix by a method called cone biopsy and she is now cancer-free.

Willis is now speaking out about cancer and the changes it brings to people’s lives. She recently started out a campaign Race4TheCure with Fox Business where they ran a race to collect funds for cancer research. The event collected a huge amount of $1.4 million.

Gerri Willis Personal Life

Gerri Willis is quite popular as a Television person. Many people keep wondering how her personal life is; however, they don’t know much because Willis pretty much keeps her personal life to herself.

Current and Past Relationships

Gerri Willis is a married woman. She walked down the aisle with David Evans, a researcher at the Gerson Lehrman Group. Theu duo tied the knot on June 12, 1994.

Have a look at this post from Gerri Willis’ Instagram. Here’ she’s wishing her spouse a happy 25 years together.

The duo is having a great time together traveling to different places. They also frequently post pictures of their travel on Instagram. The duo has been married for 25 years but still do not have any children.

Willis and David recently celebrated Easter together in Washington DC. They met their nephew Nate and other family members and visited popular tourist attractions in the city including The Lincoln Church.

Early Life

Gerri Willis was born on August 14, 1959, at Spruce Pine, North Carolina. She enrolled at the Columbia Business School and also the Miami Univeristy from where she received her degrees.

The journalist has two siblings, Steve Willis, and Frankie Willis. Once her sibs appeared on Gerri’s podcast where the three of them recalled their childhood days. They spoke about the long family car trips and even the gifts they received during holidays. Her little sissy, Frankie also remembers one instance when Gerri fools her about “a gift under the tree.”

Gerri Willis’ Net Worth

Gerri Willis has always motivated all Americans to save and invest money through her books and shows. Likewise, she has invested her earnings in many sectors including properties.

Net Worth and Earnings

Gerri Willis has amassed an estimated net worth of $2 million. The average salary of a journalist is $29,900 – $84,000.

Willis also worked at CNN where Alison Kosik, Fredricka Whitfield, Suzanne Malveaux, Sunlen Serfaty and many more worked. The average salary of a CNN anchor is $58,430 whereas popular anchors can receive a huge paycheck of $153,000 which is almost thrice the average amount.

Willis has also taken up the position of personal finance editor for CNN. As a personal finance editor, she made around $60,000 annually.

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The CNN anchor also worked as the senior financial correspondent at Smart Money Magazine. The average salary of a financial correspondent is $90,000; however, Willis was a senior correspondent and she made an estimated amount of $150,000 from Smart Money every year.

Willis has also worked as a journalist, anchor for Fox Business Network where she got a lot of fame. She also runs a podcast on FBN. The average salary of a podcaster is around $26,000 a year.

Houses and Cars

Gerri currently resides with her husband at her luxurious house in New York. She purchased the house in 2006 and the house comes at a staggering price of $923,500.

Earnings from Books

Gerri is also a renowned author and has written 3 books, Rich Is Not a Four-Letter Word: How to Survive Obamacare which costs $9.87 and $4.99 on Kindle, Home Rich: Increasing the Value of the Biggest Investment of Your Life which costs $39.93 and $25 on Kindle, and The SmartMoney Guide to Real Estate Investing which costs $23.52 and $3.33 in Paperback form.

Cancer Treatment

Gerri Willis is a breast cancer survivor. Cancer treatment is really expensive and it comes with a huge price. Willis did spend a huge fortune to cure her cancer. She went through a mastectomy and 4 months of chemotherapy.

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The average cost of drugs alone to treat cancer is over $10,000 a month. Specialists who are treating cancer are also way more expensive than normal doctors. The cost of a mastectomy ranges from $17,000 – $35,000.

Chemotherapy comes at a price range of $7,000 – $40,000; however, it can cost more or less based upon the drug used. On average, breast cancer treatment comes with a hefty price of $100,000 – $300,000.

The Gerri Willis Podcast operator also reconstructed her breasts which typically comes with a price tag of $5,000 – $15,000 per breast.

Gerri Willis Body Measurements

Gerri Willis looks beautiful with her stunning body. She stands at a stunning height of 6 feet and weighs around 64 kg. She has a pair of gorgeous oceanic blue eyes and hair of blonde color. Willis had long hair before suffering from cancer. After going through cancer treatment, she rocks a short blonde hair.

Quick Facts: Gerri Willis

  • Gerri Willis loves to read a book with her husband by the fireplace on a Saturday afternoon.
  • She recently read the book Team of Rivals by Kearns Goodwin.
  • The Fox presenter loves to cook and her red KitchenAid mixer is her favorite appliance.
  • Wilis shops for groceries at DeCicco & Sons which is located in Ardsley.
  • Gerri is an avid golf player and she frequently attends reputable golfing events like the US Open.
  • Willis often plays golf at the Saxon Woods Golf Course.
  • She is a huge fan of rock music and loves rocking to Jack White, the lead singer of hard rock band The White Stripes.
  • Gerri loves to read books about history and she has read many including Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders.
  • Willis loves kale and she buys her vegetables from Westchester Greenhouses & Farm.

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