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Kestrin Pantera on Mother’s Little Helpers & Giving the Cast Writing Credits

Talented actors create big screen chemistry from the ground up all the time, but sometimes you can just tell when that chemistry extends to real life as well and that was certainly the case with the SXSW entry Mother’s Little Helpers. Kestrin Pantera directs and stars in the movie as Sadie, one of four Pride siblings who all reunite when their mother is diagnosed with a terminal illness. It may sound like an unpleasant topic and the movie will turn on the waterworks a few times, but there’s also a surprisingly fun-loving and heartfelt vibe to it, and that’s something I personally attribute to the warmth and appeal of the Pride family.

With Mother’s Little Helpers making its big debut at SXSW, Pantera and co-stars Breeda Wool and Sam Littlefield stopped by the Collider Studio to chat about making the movie, the deep sadness but also the beauty of loss, why Pantera chose to give the ensemble writing credits, the good vibes that Pantera’s mobile karaoke company RVIP spread throughout Austin (and beyond), and so much more! You can catch the full conversation in the video interview at the top of this article and, if you’d like, you can check out the handy breakdown below.

I’d also like to take a moment to give special thanks to our Collider Studio partner, A-List Communications. At the Supper Suite venue in Austin, libations were flowing courtesy of El Tesoro Tequila, Blue Moon Belgian White, and Hint Water. Without these fine folks, we wouldn’t be able to share conversations about movies like Mother’s Little Helpers with all of you, so another big thank you to our partners for their support.

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Kestrin Pantera, Breeda Wool, Sam Littlefield:

  • Pantera on what inspired the idea and the human threshold for tragedy.
  • Why Pantera gave the cast a co-writing credit on the film.
  • Wool talks about the incredible community Pantera built making this film; exploring the beauty and horrors of loss.
  • A brief detour to talk about Pantera’s company, RVIP, a mobile karaoke lounge.
  • How the RVIP atmosphere mirrors the vibe working on Mother’s Little Helpers.
  • What it was like working with Hank the dog.

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