Vinny Ohh has a net worth of about $500 thousand

Meet the Genderless Alien -Vinny Ohh!

Born Name Vinny Ohh
Birth Place Los Angeles, US
Eye Color Dark Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Profession Makeup artist
Sibling Daniella

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You might have heard about people trying to look like Angelina Jolie. And of course, people trying to be the ‘real-life Barbie’ or ‘real-life Ken.’ But there’s a new sheriff in town! Vinny Ohh, a make-up artist who’s trying to be a Genderless Alien.

The make-up artist is so obsessed with becoming an alien, he even ignored the health risks that come with the surgery. Learn more about the alien right here.

Vinny Ohh the Genderless Alien

Vinny Ohh took to the skies when news of his mind-boggling idea surfaced. His plans to spend a massive sum to look like an alien grabbed major media attention.

Vinny has already set his mind on spending $160,000 on surgery to achieve his moto. As a matter of fact, he has already spent around $50,000 on plastic surgery and underwent more than 100 surgeries.

Ohh already underwent a total of 35 body modifications that include 12 cheek fillers, 2 brow fillers, 15 lip fillers, 10 fillers for random wrinkles, 5 botox sessions, 5 nose procedures, 1 botox under the eye, 5 facial peels, and 20 cryo facial freezings. You probably skipped all that; it’s no wonder.

Steps Towards Becoming an Alien

Ohh reported that he plans on removing his nipples, bellybutton, and genitals to become a ‘blank canvas.’ Yes, you heard it right! He wants to remove his reproductive organs in order to become a sexless alien.

The doctors warned him that it is impossible to remove the organs both legally and practically. Even if it were possible, the doctors pointed out that he might go through a serious condition since he won’t have any way to pass out the urine. To that, Vinny responded that he only wants a pee-hole to excrete.

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The urination is not the only problem, however. Doctors mentioned that the muscles that hold the urethra that prevents the urine flow would be gone along with the risk of the bacteria going back up.

Doctors also showed concern about his personal life. They pointed out the possibilities of him later regretting the procedure as there will be no turning back after the process was done.

Vinny, however, is so set on achieving his goal that nothing seems to stray him. Despite all the impacts that he will face, he is determined to fulfill his desire.

Sister Supports his Crazy Ideas

What more does he need than support from his own family? Vinny’s sister, Daniella, fully supports her brother’s plans. Although, she showed some discomfort regarding his safety over cyber-bullying and real bullying. But she stated that no matter what happens in the future, Daniella will always be by his side.

Not only his sister but his manager Marcela also has full support over Vinny’s extreme makeover. He said that if Ohh’s ready to do it, then he has no objections.

Vinny’s Dating Life and Future Plans

Surprisingly, Vinny Ohh is single and is not dating anyone right now. Point to be noted, he admitted that when he was younger, he was identified as a Gay person. But he straightened out the fact that he didn’t want to be labeled with any of the genders.

YouTube: Vinny Gives an Interview to The Morning

The 26-year-old also answered the question in everybody’s mind. What about children? Ohh replied that he always planned on adopting. He added that he wants to adopt three children in the future. Let’s hope he has thought everything through before taking such a big leap.

How Much Does Vinny Earn?

Since Vinny Ohh already claimed to spend $160,000 for his makeover readily. We estimate his net worth to be over $500 thousand. He might even have more, who knows? One must be insane to spend such a huge amount without a massive extra to spare.

The 26-year-old is mostly famous for his unusual desires. Other than that, he is actually quite a talented makeup artist. Seems he does all of his makeup by himself. Additionally, he also appeared in TV shows such as Botched and Stripperland.

The Instagram Star Ohh

Vinny Ohh has created an Instagram account to keep his fans and followers curious and updated about his life. He has 66,000 followers on his social media account and earns about $263.25 – $438.75 per ads post. Maybe this is how he wants to live his life! It’s his choice!

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What are your thoughts on Vinny Ohh’s dream of becoming a genderless alien? Is it really possible? Do share with us your thoughts on this!

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