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Many would know the controversial American Politician, Stephen Miller, a renowned far-right political activist in the US who served as the Director of Communications for Senator Jeff Sessions and also played the role of press secretary for two Republican reps John Shadegg and Michele Bachmann.

Presently, he is serving as the senior policy advisor to the present president of the US Donald Trump and has been one of Trump’s key advisers since the early days of his presidency. He also played a major role in writing Trump’s inaugural speech and is known to have championed Trump’s Travel ban and his policy of separating migrant kids from their parents.

Stephen Miller’s Bio

The political advisor who is the second child of Michael D. Miller, a real estate investor and Miriam Glosser Miller, was born in Santa Monica, California, U.S.A on the 23rd of August 1985. He was brought up with his siblings Jacob and Alexis miller in the city of his birth. His high school education was at Santa Monica High School where he is known to have made several appearances on conservative talk radio and at age 16 in 2002, the then editor of Santa Monica Outlook received a letter from Stephen Miller in which he criticized his schools response to 9/11 stating that the terrorist Osama Bin Laden would definitely feel welcome at Santa Monica High School.

He proceeded to Duke University where he received his bachelor’s degree in political science in 2007. During his years in the university, he served as the Duke chapter president of Horowitz’s Students for Academic Freedom and was also known for writing conservative columns for the school tabloid. However, he was not a friend to many at Duke University as he was known to be incredibly intolerant to the extent that any form of disagreement with him automatically points to your malevolent disposition.

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Although the Republican has an endless history of controversies, he has become a key policy driver in the present Trump administration championing several shutdown negotiations. He is popular for his inborn ability to provoke his audience, more often than not, he is the one to steer up the crowds before Trump would mount the stage at campaign rallies.


Is Stephen Miller Married?

The political activist is known to be taciturn about his personal life, so the question of whether he is in a marriage relationship or not can’t be answered presently. We do not have an inkling on his dating status whether there is a girl waiting in the wings somewhere, but since he is still in his thirties, we live in hope that the future Mrs. Miller will materialize someday soon.

Facts About his Jewish Roots

Yes, the controversial politician is definitely Jewish and records have it that in the early 1900s, his mom’s family immigrated to the United States from Belarus in a bid to escape the anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire between 1903 to 1906.

On arrival to the US, Stephen’s great-grandmother only spoke Yiddish but in time, the entire family learned English and worked hard to start successful business ventures in Pennsylvania despite their poor beginnings. However, it seems that Stephen has evoked the displeasure of his Jewish family in the pursuit of his political ambition, this is evident in an essay by his uncle David S. Glosser titled “Stephen Miller Is an Immigration Hypocrite”.

In the essay which was published by Politico on the 13th of August 2018, David recounted the history of the Glosser family and how they migrated to the United States from their hometown of Antopol which is in present-day Belarus.

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According to David, he couldn’t help but watch in increasing horror and dismay as his educated nephew who is very much aware of his heritage turned into the architect of immigration policies that repudiates the very foundation of their family’s life in the US.

Though David wishes Stephen personal happiness and success in his career, he had declined to endorse his political preferences since he is not a Trump supporter. Another member of the Glosser family expressed relief that at least Stephen does not bear the Glosser family name. From what is obvious, Stephen does not seem to care about his family’s opinion of his tyrannical ways since he is still as arrogant as ever.

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