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Surendra Kc is Actor, Comedian. The name is familiar with the name of Surendra Kesi alias Mughala. The number of times his life was brake.


Quick Facts of Surendra Kc


  • Known as Mula Saag
  • Profession Actor, Comedian
  • Birthday          27th May
  • Horoscope Gemini
  • Rashi         NA
  • Birth Place KAthmandu
  • Height:               5 Feet 6 Inch

Is Surendra Kc married? No


Surendra Kc Biography

Twenty-two times left the act and left behind the country. He repeatedly crossed the road. But the time he returned to the right path.

Kaji’s priest, KC was very young. Howard Rakka, born in Sanipa of Kathmandu, has many moments, which can not be said, how much laughter gets up, and how many moments are also painless.

Casey was very busy in school. The school did not reach. Beaten in the banana 8/10 were gathered. Ula Bella was not a bamboo waste. Water was coming to Baggati. The group of KCs was attacked by the Bagmati bridge in the same bail and was dumped to Chowor and was drowned. One of the two groups carrying clothes would reach Chowdhar. It was just like a dancer for them. The book was hidden in the bush and hanging with Bagmati was dear to them. It was self-sufficiency for others to hurt others, not to hurt them.

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The only son of the house Kasi wanted his father to make a doctor a doctor. He always wanted to read the best. However, the only son of a single son, KC, was not sure about reading. He was pulled out. It seemed to be done. As he was awakening.

That time, Panda was popular among the game kids who lost her legs. He also made a bird. In the bush, the book would reach the airport by looking at the birds flying by flying the wheels. Day walks went home and evening returned home. Reading the house, I read it.

At the end of the month, the World Niketan school was to understand the study of KC’s father’s son. 20 days in school His father returned home and returned home. Kissed the girl. Hundreds of times he ate his father’s hand.

Its effect was seen on the SLC. His study level was moderate. The doctor was not shown the pattern. KC Prof. Degree Certificate At the level of education, I was admitted to Mahendraaratna Tahach. Reading was not particularly interesting. He studied his fullstop. He saw the son being a doctor in his dream of a mother.

Surendra was a ritual to be an artist. He sang songs. His voice friend loved him. What could sing songs?

He met singer Arun Thapa. His voice was good when he left family chaos. She also used to sing a song with her throat. Arun also told her that she is good to you. He also went to Radio Nepal to record Arun song.

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The technique of today’s technology was no longer. The song had to record live. People living in front If you throw one another to another, mix one another with another. KC was surprised to see Arun getting hoped to record the song by mixing everyone together.

KC went to actress. Played in various movies. That time, at the very small roll of the roll, it was to kill a big band. It was a dream to get remedies. Casey was married to the family at the age of 16. Family responsibilities were increasing. But did not earn. The family was always hesitant. People had started recognizing some television and TV work in Eda. But there was no source of earnings. Family pressure could not be raised. Finally, KC went to Korea.

Tan was in Korea. The mind that was stolen by artists was in Nepal. From Korea, he used to call Hari Bachchan Acharya, Madrakrish Shrestha, Rajaram Poudel, Kiran KC. Kiran KC had a good deal with him. The maid couple were making a movie named Flem. Kiran KC used to be staring in, acting on the phone. How could she hear that?

KC was unable to live in Korea. She climbed the plane for 5 months. Return to Nepal Artist returned to Nepal. He could not even earn money. He returned to artists, but he stayed as much as Hilalir for a year. No one was called. He disappointed.

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One year later, the maid got a red lion. He played on it. He has acted in all the telechildars except one of the built-in Mahojadi. Mahajodhi always loved the girl. Always gave the opportunity to your television.

The first television show that KC played is ‘Jamamakali’s homepage’. He got the usual role in the construction of the Health Ministry. From this, he got Rs 5 in three installments. He was the first earning earned by acting. I did not give that money to anyone. Instead, keep it hidden. Having a ride on the suit and hiding the food box. And did the same. The family did not allow her to act as acting. He went to the bedroom.

He is from the fascinating television channel of the audience. In the enemy, he rolled out a cowboy. The hero had Padam bananas. This television series directed by Race Acharya was 12.

There was a movie made by the Health Ministry. Mithila Sharma, Tika Hills, was in the lead. The storehouse of Godavari was the warehouse. Vishnu Sharma was director. How did she get a tailor roll? On the bus went on to hang on the bus.