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Teresa Terry is best known as the former wife of the Georgia-born businessman, producer, and actor Michael Todd Chrisley.

Prior to her marriage to the talented American actor, Terry was very far from the spotlight and had no available record on her early life, place of birth, nativity, ancestry, family, education, and career.

Teresa Terry’s Bio, Age

At the moment, there is no information about Todd’s former wife. However, it is believed that she is over thirty years. Similarly, the names of the institutions of learning she attended are not known publicly.

Relationship With Todd Chrisley

While it is true that the couple had a short-lived marriage, Teresa deserves a thumbs up for helping her ex-husband handle the pitfalls of fame and also put a lot of things in order before their tragic separation.

Todd and Teresa first met as high school students at Westminster, South Carolina. At the time, Terry was just 17 while her then sweetheart was 19. Usually, Todd’s friends used to gather at his family’s house on weekends or after school at the time.  After things got serious between Teresa Terry and Toddy, both of them began hanging out and watching movies together.

At age 19, Teresa became pregnant with then 21-year-old Michael’s first child. As a responsible young man, the actor decided to make her his wife. After their elaborate wedding, the couple’s love for each other got firmer as Chrisley proved to be very caring.

When it was time, daughter Lindsie Michael Todd Chrisley arrived, bringing so much joy to her proud parents. Things, however, began to change gradually after the arrival of their second child – Kyle Chrisley – who arrived fifteen months after his elder sister.

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In an exclusive interview, Terry revealed that she filed for divorce from her actor husband because he abused her on several occasions. She also accused him of picking up a fight over little things that really don’t matter.

Terry described Todd as an authoritarian and perfectionist who was a thorn in her flesh while their turbulent marriage lasted. Teresa said at a point she got fed up with their argument and her ex-husband’s consistent corrections, leading to her decision to end their marriage in 1994.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when Todd allegedly damaged Terry’s personal belonging in December 1992. The actor, who attacked his wife at the time, was alleged to have also attacked Teresa’s mother under the influence of alcohol.

His wife also claimed that he hit her on October 21, 1994, while she was driving and also threatened to kill her on November 2, 1994, with a knife, tearing her undergarments and threatening to kill her if she calls the cops.

Teresa would later file a domestic violence complaint against her husband. She finally left the house, taking with her Kyle who was three years at the time. She tried taking five-year-old Lindsie but was barred by her husband.

In a bid to gain custody of her daughter, Terry launched an “unlawful abduction” complaint against her husband. She later dropped the domestic violence complaint after their divorce was finalized in 1996.

The couple was then given joint physical and legal custody of Kyle and Lindsie. With this settled, Teresa relocated to South Carolina so she could spend time with her children.

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Not long after, precisely in 2000, Todd moved to Atlanta and launched a custody complaint, requesting sole custody of their children. The battle lasted until 2002 when the couple was given joint custody of their children but with some conditions.

The judge read out that their children reside in Atlanta, attend school in the city and would make their father’s house in Atlanta their primary residence. They were, however, permitted to visit their mother for three weekends in every even year – including public holidays and vacations periods.

Nevertheless, the arrangement didn’t take place as Todd had to relocate to California. Not long after, his daughter moved to California to stay with him but Kyle opted to live outside his father’s mansion.

Teresa Terry currently lives with her husband, two children, and four grandchildren in Oklahoma while Chris is living happily with Julie Chrisley whom he married shortly after his failed first marriage.

The Georgia real estate tycoon shares three children – Chase Chrisley (born in 1997), Savannah Chrisley (born 1998) and Grayson Chrisley (born 2006) – with Julie who is also his business partner and a popular face on reality TV series Chrisley Know.

Teresa Terry Net worth

Teresa Terry’s self-made millionaire husband’s fortune is valued at $5 Million.

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