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Truett Mckeehan Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

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Without any doubt, TobyMac is one of the biggest when it comes to Christian rap music. He has dominated the scene alongside stars like Trip Lee, Lecrae, and a few others. As a result of his dominance and skills, no one was surprised when his son, Truett McKeehan decided to tow the same path as his successful father.

That said, Truett is an American rapper who started his career when he was just three. Many years down the line, he is still trying to make a name for himself as he continues to be more popular as the son of his father rather than as an artist.

Truett Mckeehan – Biography

Popular among fans as TruDog or sometimes Tru, McKeehan was born as the first child of Amanda and Toby McKeehan on September 4, 1998, in Franklin, Tennessee. He was brought up alongside 4 siblings by parents who take Christian values seriously.

Even though he was brought up to a very popular father, a lot about his personal life has continuously remained hidden. However, it is known that he went to high school and has graduated, but nothing more is known beyond that.

As regards his musical journey, it can easily be said that Truett was born into music and it has always been a part of him since he was only a little kid. The first recorded performance he made was back in 2001, even before the age of five, when he performed the song of his father, Extreme Days. From then, he has continued to show that just like his father, he also has the passion and talent for music.

To his name as a Christian hip-hop star, Truett McKeehan has released a number of singles and also an album, Booty Ain’t Got No Face which he released in 2007.

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5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

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Truett Mckeehan and his family (Image Source)

1. Father

As already stated, TobyMac is a popular Christian hip hop artist. But more than that, he is also a music producer and an author. He was born Kevin Michael McKeehan on October 22, 1964, in the United States. His career in music began way back in 1987 as a member of the Christian rap and rock trio, DC Talk which also had Michael Tait and Kevin Max as other members. In 2001, he released his first solo album, Momentum after his group went on hiatus the previous year.

TobyMac and Truett Mckeehan have always been very close and it is thanks to this that the father has come to influence the son in music.

2. Mother

The mother of Truett McKeehan, Amanda McKeehan is originally Jamaican and she was raised in Jamaica. Her parents are strong Christians. After she met and got married to TobyMac, she always complained that she hated America and sometimes she returned to her home country but her husband kept coming back for her and she later accepted America as her home. In 2007, she became an American citizen.

3. Siblings

TruDog was raised as the eldest of five children. After his birth in 1994, his parents began praying to have a set of twins. Miraculously, a woman from their church met them and asked them if they were interested in adopting a set of twins a woman was about to give birth to. Of course, they were interested and so that was how they adopted their twins, Moses and Marlee who were born in 2002. There is also Leo who was born in 2004, and his last sibling is Judah who was born in 2006.

Truett McKeehan like all other members of the family has been very supportive of his younger sibling Moses who was diagnosed with a health condition, muscular dystrophy which is a disease that makes the muscles to progressively weaken. The life expectancy of Moses is only put into the early 20s due to his form of disability. As a result of this, all members of the family have been very much together offering him all the love and support he needs.

4. He is Part of a Duo Rap Group, HySociety 

While he has worked as a solo artist, Truett McKeehan is also part of the group, HySociety. The duo has gained considerable followership on Soundcloud. As a part of the group, he makes use of the name Shiloh while the other member is Roy Smith (RoySmith).

5. His girlfriend

Truett used to be in a relationship with a girl known as Alex Grace Dickerson, but the two are no longer together.

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