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Weekend Box Office: Shazam! Stays on Top, Hellboy Burns Out Early

Early box office reports this morning indicate that if you stand perfectly still right now and listen very, very hard, you can actually hear the sound of Guillermo del Toro sipping a hot cup of tea and saying “not that that’s any of my business.” Related: Neil Marshall‘s Hellboy reboot opened with a less-than-fiery $12 million, good enough for third place. To compare, del Toro’s Hellboy movies opened in 2004 and 2008 with $23 million and $34 million, respectively.

Hellboy, which saw Stranger Things star David Harbour stepping into the big red title role, was held back by a not-great C Cinemascore and pretty hellish reviews. For Collider, Matt Golberg writes that the film “saps the energy from its title character and then tries to make up the difference with painful attempts at edginess.”

Shazam! remained on top in its second weekend with another $25 million, bring the latest entry in Warner Bros.’ ever-changing DCEU to $94 million domestically. The Zachary Levi-starring superhero flick is also, unsurprisingly, soaring overseas, where it’s taken in $126 million so far.

Coming in second is newcomer Little, which opened with $15 million. An inverse-take on Big, director Tina Gordon‘s film stars Regina Hall as a hard-headed executive who gets body-swapped back to her teenage self. (Played by Marsai Martin, who is also an executive producer, the youngest in Hollywood history.) Stephen King adaptation Pet Sematary ($10 million) and Tim Burton‘s live-action Dumbo ($9.1 million) round out the top 5.

Meanwhile, LAIKA Studios still can’t find a way to bring audiences in to glimpse its gorgeous stop-motion animation. The studio’s latest, writer/director Chris Butler‘s Missing Link, opened to $5.8 million, landing in ninth place.

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Check out the weekend’s top 10 estimates below, and be back here next week to see if The Curse of La Llorona can scare up any big business.

Rank Title Weekend Total
1. Shazam!     $25,140,000 $94,913,013
2. Little  $15,499,000 $15,499,000
3. Hellboy $12,015,000 $12,015,000
4. Pet Sematary (2019)    $10,000,000 $41,121,660
5. Dumbo (2019)  $9,816,000 $89,945,162
6. Captain Marvel   $8,626,000 $386,536,581
7. Us        $6,946,000 $163,498,425
8. After (2019)       $6,200,000 $6,200,000
9. Missing Link   $5,841,434 $5,841,434
10. The Best of Enemies       $2,000,000 $8,101,570

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