Donzaleigh Abernathy has a income ranging millions.

Donzaleigh Abernathy Height, Weight, Age, Wiki, Family & More

Donzaleigh Abernathy comes from a Civil rights activist family; as a result, she has a close relationship with a prominent figure, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She is an author too, and except those skills, Abernathy is also greatly known from her acting career. Therefore, on this page, we will concentrate on Donzaleigh’s professional life and net worth.

Born Name Donzaleigh Avis Abernathy
Birth Place Montgomery, Alabama, United States
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Profession Actress, Author, Advocator
Husband Dar Dixon Bijarchi
Net Worth $4 million
Age 62 years old
Sibling Juandalynn R. Abernathy (Sister), Kwarne Luthuli Abernathy (Brother), Ralph David Abernathy III (Brother) and Ralph David Abernathy Jr. (Brother)
Parents Ralph Abernathy (Father) and Juanita Abernathy (Mother)

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If you people clicked this topic today, then you might want to know about, Donzaleigh Abernathy who is a beautiful actress, author, and civil rights, activist.

Professional Life of Donzaleigh Abernathy

Civil Rights Activist

As stated above, our well-known personality, Donzaleigh, belongs to a civil rights activist family from Montgomery, Alabama. Her late father, Dr. Ralph David Abernathy, was the best friend of King Jr. and even co-founded the civil rights movement with him, which was initiated from 1954 to 1968.

Donzaleigh has a revolutionary heart like her parents, which motivates our activists to speak for the weak people and fight for them to bring justice in society.

Abernathy started to work on different projects related to social services after the death of her father. She began to provide help to the people who were suffering from HIV Aids.

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Donzaleigh got inspired to help more people who were in pain from her first project. After that, she went to the chaos-filled Los Angeles, where our brave activist assisted in cleaning the mess and providing food for the people.

Acting Career

The activist started her acting career before she began to support helpless people through her work.

Donzaleigh portrayed the role of Sue in the TV movie, Murder in Mississippi, in 1990. In her long-time career in this field, she played various outstanding roles in many films and series. In over sixty episodes, she became a regular cast for four years on a critically acclaimed Lifetime Television’s dramatic series, Any Day Now.

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The talented actress got a lot of identification from the film, Gods And Generals. She co-starred with Alfre Woodard in the Golden Globe-winning war drama-movie, Miss Evers’ Boys. Except for those films and series, she gave a leading act opposite Ving Rhames in the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning HBO movie, Don King-Only in America.

Abernathy is also famous in the audiences with her different recurring roles on the TV series, EZ Streets, Lincoln Heights, and Amazing Grace.

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She played the role of Monica Henderson in the TV series, Words & Actions, in 2019 and recently portrayed the role of Kathy in the short movie Zarina (2019) and Oneironaut (2020).


Abernathy is also famous for her work on writing and publishing books. She wrote books like Partners To History, Martin Luther King, Ralph David Abernathy, and the Civil Rights Movement, which was put up by the American Library Association as one of the Best Books for Young Adults.

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As you people already know by now, Abernathy is a skillful person in the area of writing too. Except for those books, Donzaleigh is famous for her contribution to the Smithsonian Institute’s book, In the Spirit of Martin.

Net Worth of Donzaleigh Abernathy

Now, if you guys are adding up the digit, which our lion-hearted lady got in her bank account through her different career, then let us tell you, she has a net worth of around $4 million.

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Yes, you heard it right, Abernathy has a wealth that surpasses millions. She managed to acquire that enormous income from her magnificent works as an actress, author, and influential speaker.

Earnings as an Actress

Donazaleigh is a wonderful actress who is in the show business for more than thirty years now. She performed in many marvelous movies and shows.

An average actress is earning $19.90 per hour and top actresses are charging $99.19 per hour in this field. So, most portion of the income of our leading lady comes from her performance in many hit films and TV shows.

Earnings as an Author

Abernathy, as stated above, is a renowned penwoman, who published many popular books in her career.

An author in the present day is earning a salary of $65,900 annually. Except for wages, authors mainly generate their income through different forms of royalties.

Usually, authors receive royalties from the sales of Hardback edition (10 to 15 percent), Paperback (8 to 10 percent), and eBook (25 to 50 percent). So, we can picture our fabulous writer to generating some amount of money from her writing skills, which boosts her portfolio.

Earnings as an Advocate

Donzaleigh Abernathy has a kind heart like her parents, who devoted their lives to the better world. She supported alot of people suffering from different calamities.

Donzaleigh Abernathy in WSU Convocation Series.
Our brilliant social worker, Abernathy, is a founding Trustee of the New Visions Foundation/Coalition for Engaged Education and a former Vice President of the Board and New Roads Schools.

Personal Life Of Donzaleigh Abernathy

Early Life and Education

Donzaleigh Abernathy, at her young age, went to Spring Street Elementary School. She graduated from George School, a Quaker Prep School in Bucks Country, Pennsylvania, U.S. After that, she attended Northside High School for the Performing Arts.

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The lady completed her university education from Emerson College, which is situated in Boston, Massachusetts.

Relationship Status

If we focus on the relationship status of Donzaleigh, then let us share this information with you, she is happily married to Dar Dixon Bijarchi.

The person who stole the heart of Abernathy is an actor and producer whose work can be seen in NCIS: Los Angeles (2009), Silicon Valley (2014), and This Is Us (2016).

Quick Facts about Donzaleigh Abernathy

  • Ms. Abernathy is a confident lady who gave her first public speech at the age of twelve at “The Children for Survival March” in Washington, Dc.
  • Donzaleigh has spoken for many universities like the Judicial Division of the American Pepperdine University and Morgan State University.
  • She is the youngest daughter of the American Civil Rights Movement Co-founder Dr. Ralph David and Mrs. Juanita Jones Abernathy.
  • Her life is profiled in the popular books “NoMuntains High Enough – Secrets of Succesful African American Women” and “Fearless Women.”
  • She grew together with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s children and completed her academic education together.
  • Abernathy, though born in Montgomery, Alabama, spent her childhood in Atlanta, Georgia, during the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Dar Dixon Bijarchi has a charismatic and truthful presence with a deep, rich, distinctive voice.

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